Southeastern Tennessee offers a number of shopping options, most of them in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area. Chattanooga has four major shopping malls, as well as a burgeoning, revitalized downtown area. The largest mall, Hamilton Place, is just off I-75 on the north side of the city; Eastgate is a little further south off Brainard Road;Northgate is off Highway 153; and Warehouse Row, a converted commercial district now an outlet mall, is on Market Street just outside the downtown area. Chattanooga’s downtown district has ...more

The People

These mountains are the ancestral home of the Cherokee Indians. They called them “Great Smoky” for theblue-gray mists that often shroud the peaks. Scatteredthroughout the remote hills, valleys and bottomlandsare families that still live in the self-sufficient, primitive fashion oftheir ancestors more than 100 years ago. Most people who once lived in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park have been moved out, but a few still hold life leases. ...more

Great SmokyMountains