Lighting the Night

It was a late Monday night and I walked a visiting friend to her car. Suddenly, my companion looked up at the clear sky - the stars shimmering against the black night - and inhaled. "Wow, you don't have much light pollution around here," she admired. I had never heard that term before but agreed nonetheless taking in the distant stars and planets. I waved goodbye and went inside, leaving my porch light on. ...more

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We make our home on the crowded San Francisco Peninsula. Our houses and shops press together like clothes in a too-full closet. Our streets are a flurry of trucks, cars, bicycles, and buses. Farmers markets abound and a pristine, double decker train, CalTrain, totes us up to the City or down to San Jose. When I worked in San Francisco, years ago, I took the train regularly. On the ride, ...more

Your commute sounds so exciting!  Really got me wishing (even more) that we had decent public ...more