Toxics Chemical Lobby - Exclusive Leaked Footage!

The secret is out: the toxic chemicals industry is designing a PR campaign for survival! Bisphenol A in baby bottles, water bottles, and food cans. Formaldehyde in furniture.  Phthalates in air fresheners, soft plastics, and fragrances.  The manufacturers of these chemicals are not taking the push for regulation lying down (despite their public claims of support for safety). Don’t be duped!...more

I Am Not a Guinea Pig (And Neither Are My Kids)

When I was a kid, my brother had guinea pigs. Fat little guys with stubby little legs that he desperately tried to train to do entertaining things like play soccer with a super ball and sniff out money (he was a little Alex P. Keaton-ish). Anyway, in my typical innocent upbringing I would never have imagined conducting toxicological tests on our little friends....more

Chemical Industry Decides Public Health Really IS Better Than Private Profits

In a turn of events not even Nostradamus could foresee, Cal Dooley, President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), today announced that the millions of dollars the industry trade group has been using to lobby against policies that protect public health will now be used instead to research and develop safer chemicals.  ...more

6 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Synthetic Hormones in Food

Hormones are responsible for much more than just acne in teenagers and mood swings in pregnant women. They are the messengers for much of your body’s functioning, including growth and development, immune response, regulation of metabolism, and reproduction among other things. ...more

Would You Let Your Daughter Be a Green Beauty Queen?

I’ve never been a big fan of pageants. The social and genderimplications are a bit disturbing to me. Add in the environmental and healthimpacts of conventional cosmetics and the textile and fashion industry and thewhole event becomes antithetical to almost every value I hold dear. Needless tosay, I haven’t been following the drama surrounding this year’s Miss USApageant. Until today. And, I must admit, I learned some unexpected things. ...more