BlindHow did I get here,so far away.From everything I once knew, In a foreign place.You were my true love,but I didn't know.I was so stupidto let you go. Now you're married to another,with two children of your own,and I'm left here standing,left all alone. Why can't we press replayand relive that Summer?I want to feel your lips on mine again,I don't want you with another....more

Fly Back to Me

Fly Back to Me The sun is out,Yet it's cold in here.I'm missing you baby,wish you were near. Toys fill your room,pictures hang on the wall.Yet the rooms are so empty,My arms ache for your love. I want to see those eyes shine again,smell your golden hair.I miss your laughter,now memories of you linger in the air. Fly back to me sweet love,spread your angel wings....more

Now I'm the Leader

Now I'm the Leader I've followed you for long enough.I'm done with the pain, it's been too much.I want to breathe again and sing my own song.I don't want to be told that I'm always wrong.My wings have been folded up for way too long.Time to spread them again and fly high above. Now I'm the leader of my own life.I'm on my own, no longer your wife.I'm singing a new song.I'm rising above....more

There Will Be Blue Skies Again

There Will Be Blue Skies AgainOne heart now divided between two places.Now you have two homes, two living spaces.It's not how it was planned.Stand by me, you've got my heart and I'll hold your hand.Sometimes we'll cry together.You for the family of four you have lost.And I'll cry for the vows that were left behind - words that were tossed. Baby there will be blue skies again.It can't be all tears and rain - this is not the end....more


Friends I'm here to help, I'm here to lend a hand.You see I've been here before, I understand.I know the loneliness, I know the pain.I know how the crying can bring on the rain.I know how an hour can feel like days.I understand the confusion, I've lived through the haze. I couldn't have survived without my friends.It all felt so dark, I was searhing for an end.I wanted out, didn't matter if it was left or right....more

I Can Push Back the Rain

I Can Push Back the RainI don't need you now.I can get along.I can get past all the things that went wrong.Together forever was only a phase.It didn't last long, our love faded away. I can live through the heartache.I can live through the pain.I'm a woman of steel.I can push back the rain.You think you've weakened me, but baby you're wrong.Your hurtful ways have only made strong. ...more