Green House Makeover: Eco Friendly Hardwood Flooring

When I purchased a 1920s Colonial for renovation, I wanted to maintain its original character yet use as many eco-friendly products and features as possible. The house had the original hardwood floors throughout; Douglas Fir on the first floor and Southern Yellow Pine on the second floor. Both were shabby. The first floor showed plenty of discoloration, large scratches and even a hump in the middle of the floor. The second floor was partially covered in hideous pink ceramic tiles, so we weren't sure what would happen. ...more

Confessions of a Green Junkie

I admit it. I'm a Green Junkie. That's me. I'm a chronic recycler and a solar freak plus I can kick some organic ass. I grow my own veggies, compost, sleep on organic bedding, use natural beauty products, and I even WORK in the industry, I'm so hooked. ...more

I'd love to see it, but I think there might be something wrong with the code.  All I see are ...more

Fuel Efficient SUV Alternative

So my lease is up and I'm looking for a new ride. Since the Aston Martin doesn't come in a fuel efficient model, I guess I need to keep searching. (As if.) ...more

10 Ways to Increase your Gas Mileage

Can you believe what is going on with gasoline prices lately? $4+ in New York, $8 in London and $10 in Germany this past week! I am due for a new car next month and at this point, I want a Prius more than world peace. Unfortunately, there are so few left that Toyota asks you to place orders that may or may not ever get filled. And at a premium price over MSRP I might add. Time to take matters into my own hands. Here are a few simple strategies I found that can help stretch out your gas dollar (or $4): ...more

Greening Your Nursery

You plan your pregnancy. (Sometimes.) You take special vitamins and get regular check ups to make sure the baby grows healthy.You take classes to prepare yourself for the birth.You learn about breastfeeding and baby care.So why would you fill your baby's room with a bunch of chemicals? ...more

Save Money and Energy with Balls!

Blue balls are usually not a positive thing, if you are male anyway! In this case, it's all good. If you must use a clothes dryer, which is hard not to, consider spending $10 on a 2 pack of these dryer balls. You use them in place of those expensive dryer sheets that have that artificial perfume scent on them. Ick. They work to fluff and soften your laundry, as well as help the heat of the dryer circulate more efficiently, which reduces drying time. Naturally. No chemicals here. The balls last for about 2 years and really work. ...more

I have two sets of dryer balls - bought them from a catalog and they were less than $10.  ...more

Follow Gore's Lead - Invest in the Environment

It was recently reported that Al Gore's reported net worth is over $100 million. Back in 2000, his net worth was somewhere in the neighborhood of $800,000 to $1.9 million, according to his tax filings. Boy, he did well for himself, huh! But how? ...more

Boost your Kids' Immune Systems with Organic Veggies

Back in October, I wrote an article favorably reviewing Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook Deceptively Delicious. This is the "Results" post, so to speak. In the book, Jessica describes how to puree veggies and hide them in your kid's food. While many people criticized the book saying that she copied someone else's idea, and she gave Oprah 21 pairs of Manolos Blahniks for promoting it, I say "Who gives a shit!" It works. I found it to be brilliant and implemented her, or whoever's strategies. The only difference was that I went purely organic. ...more

Take A Breath of Fresh Air - Inside

Did you know that in many cases, the air quality outside your house is actually better than inside your house? ...more