I keep seeing photos protesting the Israeli/Gaza war in which a swastika is imposed on the Israeli flag. ...more

Time to lay aside the blame and work for peace

When things go wrong, Joshua has a saying. ...more

The cancerous state of politics

Maybe it has always been this way. Maybe political parties have always used fear tactics and negative reinforcement to demonize anyone who disagrees with them. ...more

Just tryin’ to get us some peace

Once again, the bombs are flying over Israel and Gaza. On Facebook and Twitter, I see posts from friends weighing in. ...more

When you don’t have a real reason, just play the safety card

Last week my daughter and her friend met for lunch and then went to do some shopping at our local Goodwill store. ...more

Talking to strangers

I have never understood parents who tell their kids not to talk to strangers. ...more

More than a snapshot

Yesterday I read an article that stated that photography is often not seen as art, because everyone thinks they can do it. ...more

Little wonders

Many of the wonders in New York City are hard to miss – Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, the Intrepid, the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower. Others go virtually unnoticed unless you know where to look. For the past two weeks I’ve been walking down a block on the West Side that is not usually part of my routine, and one day I happened to glance down as I was going by one of the buildings – a very normal looking apartment building – and saw dozens of violins and what looked like a work bench ....more

Candid photos

I love candid photos of people but have never thought myself very good at taking them. ...more