Inspiring Green Resolutions?

I'm working on my list of 52 green resolutions for 2009, and I'm looking for inspiration. What one eco-friendly change has made the biggest difference in your life personally? (Something you really enjoy or take pride in.) In terms of greening your lifestyle, what do you think has had the biggest impact, environmentally? For those of us seeking education on green matters, what one resource would you suggest? What are you resolving to change in 2009? ...more

I heard this quote from someone's Grandmother as the family mantra from the Great Depression ...more

Confessions from a Newly Greening Mommyblogger

It began with recycling and gDiapers, then all-natural baby care products. Now the green quest is taking over almost all aspects of my life. I'm anxious to start composting, I'm trying to learn about organic gardening, and I have a list of green topics to research. I just can't make changes fast enough. But there are two things that I just can't make greener. I'm addicted to... (click here for more). ...more

Looking for Green Inspiration? Try a Blog Challenge

Have trouble sticking to your resolutions to be green? Have you heard of the theory that it takes 21 days to change a habit? According to Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon who wrote Psyco-Cybernetics in 1989, ...more

Garden Excess? Find someone that needs your veggies.

Have you seen the web site The site has world-wide hunger statistics, updated in real-time. This afternoon, I saw these statistics: There are 888,631,876 undernourished people in the world now. 5,092,111 have died of hunger this year. An estimated 20 people died in the time it took me to copy these statistics. I went looking for places to donate extra vegetables from my first little garden, and I found myself staring at these numbers that were climbing by the second. ...more

Is there hemp in your bathroom? (shower curtain)

I just saw a study on toxic vinyl (PVC) shower curtains: ...more


Recently inspired to go green (now that I have a little more time to figure out how), I bought several books that I expected to serve as guidebooks. After dutifully hunting down a recommended natural deodorant only to realize it costs $21 and skipping sections of the books that recommend expensive products that I would consider if I had the money to remodel my house, I wondered, "what's left?" Is going green all about going shopping? ...more

CFL Assumptions

I recently confessed that we only had two CFL bulbs in the house. Actually, we only have five lamps, so I thought we were 40 percent eco-friendly. I honestly didn't think past the lamps. But after a quick Google search to find a long-lasting candelabra bulb, I found a whole world of CFLs that will work in all of our lights!! Here are some things I learned about CFLs. <!--break--> ...more

Rechargable Batteries

A few weeks ago, I spent about an hour trying to find out where to recycle regular AA alkaline batteries that come out of my son's toys. Basically, I found that regular alkaline batteries are considered household waste and you should throw them in the trash. So I started thinking about rechargeable batteries. I've never bought them before because batteries are so confusing and you just don't know what to do when you're in the battery aisle at the store! (And I thought they'd be expensive.) ...more