Fairytales do happen

In 1998 I was living in a tiny little town that had little to no black men. Approximately 20 miles south of our town was the new ARMY base that had a large population of African American soldiers.Anyway not to get off track. I met a very handsome black man and he and I bonded instantly. There were down falls to all this, he was married, was only going to be stationed here for a short time, had children of which he was determined would keep him from divorcing or leaving them until they were old enough to understand....more

Sex is an Acitivity

This reflects an opinion and a motto that I chose to live by. Sex is just an activity, such as going to the gym. It is great stress relief, awesome for cardio and pleasurable. Because of so many failed relationships, sex as just an exersise, keeps the emotional link people make to it out of the picture.When emotions get all involved, a lot of times other stressors come into play because of possession issues, jealousy and the human want for love and affection. ...more
Sounds like the voice of a woman who knows herself and has decided what she wants. Every phase ...more