Probably the best vacation of my life. Southern Missouri is beautiful and glorious and super fun. Plus we got to go with family and friends! I don't think my kids complained or fought the entire week except for Charlie who somehow wrangled a Coke and has since thrown fit after fit wanting another one ....more

In retrospect bangs

In retrospect bangs may not have been the best idea. I cut them too short to even push to the side with a bobby pin. I am 36. I should know better. On to Poppy. She is me as a child times a thousand. So let's say a bit intense. I love her ferociously. She is hysterically funny when she tries to be very serious. She is the most stubborn human being I have ever come across. She is smart ...more



Fairy Crown


Finding God Again


Back Online Sale

To celebrate getting back to writing and crafting I'm having an sale! Twenty percent off in the gremadcha shop with code SPRING. I've got some new bracelet sets and various other delights new in the shop so check it out. In other news it's above freezing outside so YAY and my birthday is tomorrow. I have a feeling that thirty-six is going to be good because to be really honest thirty-five was LESS THAN SPECTACULAR. Love Greta ...more

Maybe a Kardashian

With a thank you to modern medicine I have semi-clawed my way up to the surface. I think I am breathing normally. Maybe. Little things are coming back. Like how children are HILARIOUS. Especially Poppy who asked me, "These grapes are from China?" Because apparently she has caught on to the fact that everything is made in China. I missed laughing. I missed my children being a joy rather than a burden. Depression does that to you, takes all the ...more

Fun With Depression

I haven't been writing because I have been at war/in denial/pissed off/mostly crying with depression. Which sucks in case you are unfamiliar with it. I think for the last few months I have been trying to figure it out. The right prayer, the right counsel, the right plan that would somehow make it disappear. It hasn't worked. Thankfully I have friends and family that are helping me stay upright. I do have occasional flickers of hope that this too shall ...more

Wisdom From Ruby Age 7