How to Help a Sensitive {Read: FREAKING OUT} Child

I'm leaning some very interesting things from the book Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking...more

Kitchen Chaos!

"I hope that when I grow up and get married that I DON'T marry a man who likes kitchen carpet. But probably most men like kitchen carpet so maybe that won't work."Molly was, in her way trying to process all that has gone on in our little world since we returned home from our vacation and things very much involved our much maligned, much spilled upon, much despised, green kitchen carpet. Later in her life, when it comes time for marrying I hope that the issue kitchen carpet is not still on Molly's list of suitable characteristics but if it is I can assure her that few...more

What I Think About When I Fear the Kids are Growing too Quickly

My baby girl is in first grade. She reads and writes notes to me. She makes up jokes and has an...more

In Which I Almost Let Down Ups!

{From the archives 11/29/12}"Oh," said the new-to-us UPS lady, when I answered the door, "I was told that..." her voice fell away, uncertain."They told you a child would answer the door?" I guessed."YES!" said she sort of leaning to peek over my shoulder into the house."The children are eating lunch right now and today, for the first time in...more

Remembering Our Vows...

This week my Man and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. We married after we'd known one another for two years and so, as my Man loves to say, we have known each other for over half of our lives. It seems that we were celebrating 17 years together not so very long ago when I posted this.. ....more

A New Year Past

{From the archives 12/31/2010}We really only celebrate two "official"...more

The Books of My Year

Last year ended with another defeat in the annual book reading contest with my Boy. Another defeat, the second in a row. This year I determined to be the winner, unfortunately my Boy enjoys the term "Three-peat" and was equally determined.As the year rolled on we'd check on one another's progress:"How many have you read?""Seventeen, how 'bout you?""20 {grin}"Then we left for our August sabbatical which allowed for lots of reading time while we sat next to each other in doors and out of doors early in the mornings, during long afternoons and into long quiet evenings ....more

The Post-Christmas Post

It's two days after Christmas and there are still leftovers in the fridge, lights on the tree, and fresh toys and games and clothes to be enjoyed. We have been loved on by our families we have visited with friends, we have enjoyed the pleasure of a gift card or two, and we are ever so gently turning our attentions toward the new year...but first I want to sit and ponder this Christmas for just for a few moments more... There was a sweet Christmas play... ...there were cookies... ...and more cookies... ...and cookie helpers... ...for a Christmas Cookie Reception.. ....more

Peanut Butter Popcorn for snacking and sharing...

My grandma was a peanut butter fanatic. I foggily remember that after achieving a goal in Weight Watchers all she wanted was a spoonful of the stuff. Grandma had recipes for delicious chunky peanut butter cookies (sent to my college dorm) and a slick peanut butter fudge, but my favorite peanut butter creation of hers continues to be her peanut butter popcorn ....more

The Snitch of a Snatch

There is to be a cookie reception at church this weekend just before an event I've been so looking forward to all season. I'm helping with the cookies and the kids and I have been in high production as a result. Yesterday we completed two large batches of gingersnaps and tucked them away until the event.Yesterday evening after completing a batch of reindeer cookies Meg asked, "Mom, did you get all those reindeer boxed up? ...more