Your WHAT?!?!

She stepped out onto the porch looking at her hands quizzically. "Which one of these is my cuss finger?""What?" I asked, "What do you mean?""The other day Kate told me not to hold up a finger all by itself because it was bad. I asked Dad if that was true and he said that when you hold up that one finger it means the same as a cuss word," she explained."Oh," I said, still trying to catch up with the story ....more

In which we are joined by Aristotle…sort of.

Helllooooo!We are still present in the universe…the real live one, not very much in this virtual one lately. Things in our world have been humming along as usual and we've finally begun our school year. Yesterday was our first official day, though last week we began a test run to stretch our school muscles.This year I've students in high school and grade school ....more

Awwwww NUTS!! It's time for school again!?

School is just about to be in session here at The Wright Place and the teacher and the youngest pupil are ready to roll. The others simply need convincing. Classes are planned, study materials have been ordered and have arrived, pencils have been sharpened and notebooks have been labeled....more

We're Back with A Birthday

Today is a much anticipated day on our family calendar....more

The Rope Givers

I've been pondering a picture which, as I jot these words, hasn't actually been captured with a camera yet, but I pray that it will EVER remain in my heart.Last week I wrote about my Man and I feeling at the end of our rope with house bother and stuff…I was wrong though, we were not quite...more

Seriously Stressing, Stressed, and Stressful

Here's the deal…we have some more home repairs facing us and it is rocking our little world just a bit. The truth is that it feels whiny and shallow to be so affected by all that faces us in the next month or so because goodness knows we are healthy, happy, and on most days we like each other around here very much. This house, though, has just about defeated us.In the next month we'll likely have two projects facing us both of a costly nature and we haven't quite recovered from the kitchen costly just yet ....more

Various and Sundry

Hi there!...more

Great Mystery of Life...OK...Really Good Mysteries of My Bookshelf

It all began with Nancy Drew. I remember a friend reading and loving the Nancy Drew mysteries and feeling that I wanted to read them too but I was sure that they'd be too scary for me. Before long, Nancy and I were best friends, going to the pool together in the summers and taking trips together year round ....more

The Ripple Maker

I recently spent some time in the same room as a person who has, by his actions and lifestyle, sent ripples of pain and waves of defeat into the lives of those closest to him. Those ripples didn't stop with the close folks though, they travel on affecting those pretty far off from the situation. This person would be shocked, I think, if he ever realized how potent his life has become.I only stared at him from across a room ....more

Close to You

It's Sonic season for the Wright's and we are participating as best we can. Molly's softball season wrapped up Tuesday evening with a big win and Kate's began...more