Peanut Butter Popcorn for snacking and sharing...

My grandma was a peanut butter fanatic. I foggily remember that after achieving a goal in Weight Watchers all she wanted was a spoonful of the stuff. Grandma had recipes for delicious chunky peanut butter cookies (sent to my college dorm) and a slick peanut butter fudge, but my favorite peanut butter creation of hers continues to be her peanut butter popcorn ....more

The Snitch of a Snatch

There is to be a cookie reception at church this weekend just before an event I've been so looking forward to all season. I'm helping with the cookies and the kids and I have been in high production as a result. Yesterday we completed two large batches of gingersnaps and tucked them away until the event.Yesterday evening after completing a batch of reindeer cookies Meg asked, "Mom, did you get all those reindeer boxed up? ...more

Chuckling Down Memory Lane

Because it is early morning and I've already plugged in the Christmas lights to fend off the dark and because it looks like it's going to be another day where the sun plays bashful, I thought you could use a little chuckle as much as I...My Man and I were looking through some family videos the other night and we came across an old favorite that made us grin......from Christmas morning 2010 when Molly two and a half years old, had to be awakened to join the family as is her habit each year. The voice you hear at the beginning is Meg's... {"Something for me to get in" she says at the end.} Oh my goodness indeed!...more

The List...

December 2nd...though for most of the morning I thought it was the 4th and as a result was feeling two more days behind than I needed to. I made out a list of things earlier when I was 4 days behind instead of just two and item after item found its way to my clean white page. As time for school approached, I laid my pen down and took a deep breath and turned my back on the list.Between subjects and students I gave my list a passing glance which might communicate to anyone watching me that I cared little for the tasks that awaited me ....more

Left Over Dinner...What's on the Menu?

Happy Thanksgiving!This year we are celebrating with my Man's family after some of us do a little Turkey Trotting (an annual Thanksgiving 5k in our town), I love to work off my pie ahead of time! The day after Thanksgiving our little gang celebrates "Left Over Dinner" which we have been working on preparing all through the week. We've always gone to one family or the other for Thanksgiving meal and have never had to fix our own which is a fair amount of luxury, however, it leaves us a little wanting in the LEFTOVER department, so we just begin there.(I'll be taking pictures and posting them through out the day today on Instagram (here)if you want to see how we fare! ...more

Writing for Rolos

Tomorrow we finish a semester of our homeschool co-op for the semester. Three of my kids have essays to turn in and are eager to do so because it marks the completion of challenging assignments. Yesterday I heard Meg trash talking her writing assignment:...more

Cold Weather = A Big Pot of Warm and Yummy

One of my favorite fall recipes is Japanese Style Beef and Potatoes from the fantastic cookbook Keepers. I've adapted the ingredients slightly to better suit my crowd and I thought I'd share a dish that makes my family grin when they see the cookbook opened to that chicken stock splattered page. You'll need to make a 15 minute investment to chop the potatoes and onions and other ingredients, but I'm confident you'll find ample reward for your time ....more

Dropping Like Flies...

I was mid-run when I got a text from a kid who was supposed to be reading his history assignment. It seemed that a "situation" had developed at home in my absence.Here's the text... He returned a "ha ha" text and I finished my run, happy that the Cool Guy club had served my parenting purposes once again, when I got home Molly was fresh and ready to tackle the rest of her school day....more

A Gentle Book for Your November

"Where's my book? I just laid it down!""Your son hid it from you.""Son...""It's hidden between Bibles on your dresser.""Thanks!"I was 40 pages from the end and I wanted to finish it. The rich words had been causing me to wonder about the end of the story for a day and a half ....more