Rolled Eyes and Reluctant Readers (or How to Get your Kids to Read in the Summer)

This…the 142 post about books here at The Wright Place. Summer is here and we are reading. Some of us by choice and others by sheer force.My children, particularly the misfits among us for whom reading is not their first "go to" summer activity are nearing the point already in early June of spraining their eye sockets with all of the eye rolling because of conversations like this…"May I watch a show?""No, go read a book,""Can I play a game on my tablet?""No, go read a book.""Can I clean my room instead?Pause…"Yes, but then go read a book."Then there's the end of the day query made by the parents:"Have you read for 30 minutes today?"Oh…the eye rolling…You know what though, eye rolling doesn't hurt the one receiving it at all and so…we the parents will continue to insist and they the kids will continue to read… and, I am sure, to roll their eyes.This week, the requirement as increased to 45 minutes and the eye rolling has increased accordingly ....more

Molly and the Internet...

Molly rushed into the house with solemn purpose a few afternoons ago. She was so intent on her mission that she'd forgotten to take off her shoes and her bike helmet before coming inside. I gave her a long sideways glance.She took one sheepish breath and said, "I'm sorry, I forgot about my shoes ....more

A Good Church

We were just about finished running errands for the afternoon, Molly and I, when we passed a church."Is that a good church, Mom?" she asked, pointing out the window."Well, what do you mean by a good church, Molly?""I mean do they preach good things about God there?"I shared with Molly what I knew of the church but told her that I'd not been to a worship service there so I couldn't answer her fully. As always, it was enlightening to get to hear a bit of what was going on in her mind—to catch a glimpse of what she is thinking as we tool about town doing our normal things. I was just beginning to wonder why, out of the blue, Molly was asking about churches besides our own when she added a thought which explained everything."I need to know about these things Mom, so that I will know which church to take my kids to someday."I grinned and looked forward to telling my Man, my preacher-Man, all about this conversation ....more

It's 2016 and we are BACK with a few of our Favorite Things!

I woke this morning, greeted the hermit crab who has taken up residence in our bathroom because it is not warm enough in his upstairs home these winter days. There is a heater on its way to us from Amazon because my Man and I, though we are used to sharing our bathroom with all manner of children, are weary of sharing it with a hermit crab named Charles....more

Twenty-three Years Ago Today...

To my Man, Twenty-three years ago today we went on our first date. You know this better than I do, being the one of us who is comfortable with the calendar. We didn't know that twenty-three years ago though ....more

When You Are Not Feelin' All Advent-y

We began our Advent celebration last night around the table after a long day of school and errands. We'd ordered pizza for dinner because the Thanksgiving leftovers had run out along with my desire to produce anything more from the kitchen for a time. My Man had instructed the kids to clean off the dining room table so that "in a while we can do Advent." Then he set about paying the bills and getting the paper of our lives in order.I was working on a season related project and the kids, after finishing their task, had migrated to the couch in front of the TV and had begun watching a show after a bit of fussing about what to watch at all because "there is NOTHING on!"One child was particularly angsty because we'd made all indications that we'd be decorating the Christmas tree today and we'd not gotten nearly that far and she was both disappointed and determined that progress would be made before she was sent to bed ....more

From Around the World, Stories from Nepal

We are five days into my Man's 10 day trip to Nepal....more

The Lunch Lady and the Lunch Loser

Every Wednesday Kate awakens with a bit of a spring in her step, a hitch in her giddy-up, a sparkle in her eye. Wednesdays are Kate's day to shine. Kate, this middle daughter of mine stands out from the pack on Wednesdays and for good reason…she's the provider of Thursday lunches for the six of us and she takes her job so seriously that she begins prep for her task first thing on Wednesday morning ....more

School Stuff and Such … Lots of Links I Like

In the last few months I've met many young families who are considering or who have decided to begin homeschooling their children. I'd like to say right now…in the middle of October when the novelty is getting a little less shiny and feeling a bit less like a cool new thing and is hinting like it's going to be a bit more of a challenge... Welcome to the Adventure! ...more

Your WHAT?!?!

She stepped out onto the porch looking at her hands quizzically. "Which one of these is my cuss finger?""What?" I asked, "What do you mean?""The other day Kate told me not to hold up a finger all by itself because it was bad. I asked Dad if that was true and he said that when you hold up that one finger it means the same as a cuss word," she explained."Oh," I said, still trying to catch up with the story ....more