Various and Sundry

Hi there!...more

Great Mystery of Life...OK...Really Good Mysteries of My Bookshelf

It all began with Nancy Drew. I remember a friend reading and loving the Nancy Drew mysteries and feeling that I wanted to read them too but I was sure that they'd be too scary for me. Before long, Nancy and I were best friends, going to the pool together in the summers and taking trips together year round ....more

The Ripple Maker

I recently spent some time in the same room as a person who has, by his actions and lifestyle, sent ripples of pain and waves of defeat into the lives of those closest to him. Those ripples didn't stop with the close folks though, they travel on affecting those pretty far off from the situation. This person would be shocked, I think, if he ever realized how potent his life has become.I only stared at him from across a room ....more

Close to You

It's Sonic season for the Wright's and we are participating as best we can. Molly's softball season wrapped up Tuesday evening with a big win and Kate's began...more

Slow Cooking for Fast-Paced Crazy

We are nearing the end of "Crazy Week" and are now headed, full-tilt, into "Crazier Weekend." The VBS goers finished their activities last night to great relief and accomplishment of the workers. Today the theater campers wrap up final rehearsals and Molly's softball team continues onward in the quest for the trophy or a trophy or the end of the season in some form or fashion. Tomorrow Molly and her team play at least two games and Meg and Kate and their theater company perform two shows ....more

When Calendars Attack...

Today begins what we've been referring to as "crazy week" around here. We've known that this week was coming, we've...more

The Magic Pill

My family used to make fun of runners as we went about our days. I didn't grow up amongst fitness folks and have had, until recent years, no understanding of the benefits of regular exercise in my life. Neither did the rest of my family, so we made fun of what we did not know…runners ....more

Dear Neighbors…Welcome to the House Next Door!

Dear Neighbors,Welcome to the house next door. We are glad to have you in the neighborhood. I am what in days gone by would have been called "the lady of the house," in today's language I am frequently referred to as "the mother of all those kids." I do my best to keep the chaos to a low roar around here but, fair warning, your idea of an acceptable level of chaos may be much different than mine ....more

A Runner, A Race, A Revelation

I watched my Boy run a mile or two this weekend. Actually, I didn't see him run even one complete mile but rather I saw him pass by from various locations on the course as he was in the process of running those miles.It was one of my favorite days......but it caused something deep in me to begin to wiggle a bit loose.My Boy is highly motivated by a goal. I was on the edge of the conversation when he decided to train for the half marathon ....more

Stormy Weather Ahead...

It's pretty simple to tell that the how-much-longer-do-I-have-to-do-school blues have set in at The Wright Academy..."PLEASE somebody tell me WHEN I'll ever...more