Stormy Weather Ahead...

It's pretty simple to tell that the how-much-longer-do-I-have-to-do-school blues have set in at The Wright Academy..."PLEASE somebody tell me WHEN I'll ever...more

What I'm Reading This Summer (2015) ... A List

It's nearly time to break out the summer books. The Wright Academy is cruising toward the end of our official school year and all of us are eager to "read for fun" after a long year of "read for learning." I spent some quiet moments listing a few books that I wanted to read in the coming months of summer and I thought I'd share some fun finds. The Nightingale ~ a few months ago a friend texted, "Are you going to read The Nightingale?" I admitted to her that it had not even been on my radar ....more

Not Like Everyone Else...

I remember bringing home an assignment for a grade school project. I think it was the one where I had to draw the digestive system. I told my Mom that everyone else was just drawing it out on construction paper and handing it in ....more

Time Management for the Highly Organized

I was invited by some friends in our homeschool group to speak at a workshop for homeschoolers. This talk had been on my horizon for a few months now. I had such a good time preparing the words I wanted to share on the topic I've been asked to share about: Guarding Your Time.. ....more

Molly Joy here... The Birthday Edition

Hellooooo! Molly Joy here.Hope you are doin' super now that spring is finally here. Kate and I have been keepin' the neighbors on their toes cause we are outside on our scooters and bikes just as soon as Mom decides school is over each day ....more

A Pair of Charmers

You'd think I would have realized that I was about to read a book that would capture my heart so completely. You'd think that I might have made a note or something in a journal or even in the book itself. You might even think I could remember the series of events that led me to the book ....more

On Kitchens and Routines...

Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen. It seems to have taken over my existence and my mental space and my conversations. Kitchen is my theme lately for better or worse and my attention has been drawn to some fun and helpful articles and posts about life in our kitchens be they new or old, large or small, cozy or modern.I thought I'd share what I've been reading with you in hopes that you might also benefit as I plan to ....more

Bathroom Before & After (Bathroom the First)

As the floor was being completed in our kitchen, it became apparent that we were going to have enough wood flooring left over to cover the floor in the small bathroom upstairs which the girls use daily to get ready for their days.That bathroom has been a busy but ill-equipped room for many years. It possesses a toilet, {That cabinet is embarrassing, one of the things we've been meaning to replace for about 2 years!} a sink,...more

Things I Do

Every few mornings after I've read the day's selection in "The One Year New Testament for Busy Moms" Bible, I reach for one of the most unique looking books I own and read from it. Savor by Shauna Niequist is filled with 365 short readings which aim to help the reader focus on "living abundantly where you are, as you are" as laid out in the subtitle. I'm enjoying what I've read so far and one entry in particular has me thinking ....more

Sometimes, there's just no stopping it!

The kids and I all shuffled into a pew near the back of the little church in a town next to ours. We were there for Meg's piano recital and we'd come from church so we were looking rather fine and fancy in our Sunday duds, at least that's what I told myself as I settled smugly into the pew and looked around the crowded sanctuary.Meg had earned her spot at this recital by playing for a judge a few weeks ago and receiving a favorable rating. Every other student in the room today had earned a similar honor, some by playing the piano and others by performing a vocal selection ....more