Molly "Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen" Joy here!!

Molly Joy here!! How've you all been? I hope things are less nuts at your house than they are at mine!...more

A Quick Hello and a Kitchen Promise

Tonight I cooked a pot of soup on my new stove. It was the first time I. A few weeks that I've prepared any food above ground and it was thrilling ....more

You Just Might be a Preacher's Kid...

When we eat at Chick-fil-a we do things a certain way. It didn't happen on purpose exactly but more over time as we have learned what works best. Usually my Man takes the lead position at the front of our queue of 6 and I bring up the rear ....more

The Kitchen Comes Apart...

Stacked on my bare kitchen floor and in our school room/dining room are many boxes of wood flooring. They arrived on Wednesday and must sit in the kitchen, or on the same level in the house as the kitchen, for a week so that they can adjust to the temperature and humidity before they can be put into place and nailed down. ...more

A Witness to a Wipeout

We use the phrase don't be that guy...more

A Different Kind of Snow Day

I asked lots of teachers at church Sunday if they were excited about the possibility of snow days this week. The great majority of them said no, explaining that it generally complicated things for them and their students later on in the year....more

How to Help a Sensitive {Read: FREAKING OUT} Child

I'm leaning some very interesting things from the book Quiet:The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking...more

Kitchen Chaos!

"I hope that when I grow up and get married that I DON'T marry a man who likes kitchen carpet. But probably most men like kitchen carpet so maybe that won't work."Molly was, in her way trying to process all that has gone on in our little world since we returned home from our vacation and things very much involved our much maligned, much spilled upon, much despised, green kitchen carpet. Later in her life, when it comes time for marrying I hope that the issue kitchen carpet is not still on Molly's list of suitable characteristics but if it is I can assure her that few...more

What I Think About When I Fear the Kids are Growing too Quickly

My baby girl is in first grade. She reads and writes notes to me. She makes up jokes and has an...more

In Which I Almost Let Down Ups!

{From the archives 11/29/12}"Oh," said the new-to-us UPS lady, when I answered the door, "I was told that..." her voice fell away, uncertain."They told you a child would answer the door?" I guessed."YES!" said she sort of leaning to peek over my shoulder into the house."The children are eating lunch right now and today, for the first time in...more