Molly on the Case...

"Look Mom!" Molly, the brand new six year old said, pointing to the TV, "do you know where that girl played?""No, I don't.""She's from Monk! She's the one who got killed on the beach.""Oh did she play the woman who was Monk's wife?""No Mooooommmmmm, Monk's wife died from a car bomb. This girl was the one who was murdered on the beach, don't you remember?" "Good grief," says Meg when this happens, "I'm 14 and I'm...more

Home is where they school ya!

They say that home is the place where your family is, and they are right, of course. Home is also the place where your very own bed is and where you know just which boards in the floor creak and groan under your feet. Home is where you know the make and models of all of the neighbors vehicles and where your flowers are planted and where there are pencil marks on a door frame charting the growth of all who dwell within ....more

The End of a Very Important Countdown!

Since her birthday is the last of the six, the tension until that day builds in her heart until it is almost unbearable to her...and possibly to the rest of us as well. When the calendar said AUGUST Molly began getting fidgety, asking day after day, "How many more days until MY birthday?" As August was hitting its stride, my Man's birthday was all that stood in the way of my baby's and it was at about that time when she no longer needed help counting down, the days were few enough that she could handle the count herself and so each morning... ...more

The Sounds of Sabbatical...

As we've traveled about hither and yon between Sonic and to Sweet Frogs and bookstores during our time away from home, we've discovered some new music that will forever be linked to this summer.Often, if our trip is going to take longer than ten minutes, I'll pull out a book to read aloud as we go because school time is approaching and we really do need to exercise the ears and the "sitting and listening" muscles a bit to be ready. It doesn't hurt that those muscles get lots of help from the seat belts which is why I'm warming up to a captive audience in the car.The book is called The Book of the Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin Jr. and it is, so far, about a rooster named Chanticleer and his brood of hens ....more

Kickin' Cranberry Chicken

I'm not usually one to laud the practice of filling the freezer with extra meals, because it seems I can't ever convince myself that there is time in my life to devote to the actual filling part of the whole process. Before we left for our trip however, it became necessary for me to be converted. We've passed the half-way mark of our time away (and of eating almost exclusively what we brought with us for dinner) and I'm here to tell ya that the lack of stress involved in feeding my pack of hungry eaters because of the front end work of bagging and tagging and freezing our meals is WORTH IT!! ...more

Faithful-Every-Week-Church-Going Believers... I'm a FAN!

I have a healthy new respect for the faithful-every-week-church-going-folks this evening. I have learned this weekend how easy it could be to just decide not to go to church, just for this one Sunday. Oh yessir, I'd have missed having gone...more

Involving the Owner's Manual, the Bathroom Scales, and a few very unSabbatical Moments...

Greetings from the margin! The Wright gang is doing well as we near the halfway mark of my Man's sabbatical. We find ourselves in a locale with no internet which has been, as one of our favorite TV characters likes to say, a blessing and a curse....more

Keeping Ourselves Company

Molly joined me in the kitchen yesterday morning, wiping the sleep from her eyes and looking about for breakfast options....more

Dreaming and Dabbling and Diving into Margin

As August approaches, our family is beginning a sabbatical which will allow for my Man to rest a bit and read a lot and, Lord willing, be able to reflect and relax as he embarks on his third decade of ministry and his second decade with our local church family. The kids and I are planning our activities as well and will hopefully serve to prepare us for another year of learning whether it be in our school setting, within our church family, or out in the great big world. We hope, while on our break, to read a bit, play a lot, and dream and dabble a fair amount too ....more

Left To Our Own Devices

All four of our children are away this week. The older two are at church camp and the younger two are at grandparent camp. We have had reports of all manner of fun and learning from both camps and are thankful that the kids are enjoying themselves.Though we take a week each year to travel without the children, it has been many many years since my Man and I have found ourselves home alone ....more