It's on.

Dear Old Neighbors,Let me just start off by saying you were the...more

Fritz whispers and eats off of a fork.

Don't worry. We didn't share the fork ....more

On PuppyCats and the Feet Thereof

This is my puppycat. He has a tumor in his little dog foot. But it's a friendly tumor, which means he's going to be fine ....more

New Digs

We moved two months ago. Left our perfect neighborhood and our lovely little cave for a slightly bigger cave in a slightly less perfect neighborhood. But we're happy here. If these walls could talk, they would sing because there's music in this place all the time. You can even see Rob tinkering with the record player ....more

Hashtag: Done!


How Low Can I Go?

I killed the urge to blast my sad mood today on Facebook. It was going to be a cry for help wrapped in a joke (just like most of my cries for help/jokes) — "Is there, like, a self-esteem store?," I was going to ask my Internet friends. And they would ask me what's wrong or tell me I'm great, and I would feel a little bit better about myself for being loved.But that's stupid.I'm not going to do that ....more

Happy Five-a-versary!

Did you know most divorces occur within the first five years of marriage? Does this mean we're in clear? Answer: yes, unless Rob cheats on me. But not even then, because if he does, I will end him ....more

Guest DJ Project

My radio station, KCRW, does Guest DJ projects with awesome people like David Cross and John Hodgman. These awesome people also happen to be famous, which is something I am not. KCRW will  probably never ask me to do a guest DJ project, because they just don't get how super cool my set would be ....more

Did I mention I guest-posted?

I guess between moving and thesis-ing and stuff, I forgot to mention that I guest posted for my amazing friend, Jen, while she was on maternity leave.You can read it, if you wanna.OK, bye. Love you ....more

A post about my new 7-Eleven

I have a new 7-Eleven.You may have guessed that this is because we moved.We moved because we were stepping on Fritz or each other wherever we went in our teeny-tiny, adorable little travel-size apartment ....more