The RNC Audience

Ok, I am sitting here watching the convention and I have had 1 observation (among others) that stood out. Is it me or is the audience as enthused or vibrant as the audience at the DNC? Again, just an observation, but wow. Everything that has been said last night and tonight seems so stuffy, fake and forced. But I suppose some people like that. ...more

Marriage: Same-sex

I have noticed that people have more of a problem with the term "Marriage" than they do with the idea of same-sex couples living together. I have read many blogs, forums and posts and it seems that there are very few people who oppose same-sex couples living together but rather oppose same-sex marriages. What is it with that one single word that strikes people so deep to the core that they feel the need to stand up for it or against it? I have looked up the definition and posted it below: ...more

My Thoughts... America??? Please read

There Is But One Man      8/31/08  by April Claxton Pieces broken fill the floor while shattered years pile more. ...more