The Size of Texas.....

People are always referring to things "the size of Texas."We had a hamburger the size of Texas, he's got arms the size of Texas, etc. Well when I moved to Texas several people told me about the bugs in Texas....said they were big, and plenty of them! Well, to anyone who knows me, knows I HATE I am always on guard here. Anyway, I have noticed lately in the mornings on my walk/run there have been more and more grasshoppers jumping around....more

What The Heck Has Happened to us?

 Normally I save this stuff for my "Common Sense" page, but it is weighing heavy on me today. I tend to listen to more National news and Political news because that is where my interest lies. However, now that I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I have been listening to more and more local news.Everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, a child dies a horrible death, beaten, strangled, kidnapped and murdered. I am in shock over the violence and crime that take place in our cities daily. What the hell has happened to us?...more

Need a little help...... Hi Blogher's! Need a little input.  I am starting a non-profit. About...more

Emmie's Hope! COMING TO NORTHERN COLORADO-MEG WHEATLEY! We are starting a wonderful new non-profit program in Windsor, CO.  Our program is designed to build and enhance the self-esteem in middle school age girls.  Through camps, after school programs, mentorship and community service we hope to build self-esteem and prevent the display of at-risk activities in these girls. We are holding a "Northern Colorado Women's Conference" on May 1, 2010....more

"Emmie's Hope" to build and enhance the self-esteem of middle school age girls. This is a great new non-profit.  ...more

New Non-Profit "Emmies Hope" ...more

Did you know?

 As you walk up the steps to the building which houses the U.S Supreme Court you can see near the top of the building a row of the world's law givers and each one is facing one in the middle who is faci...more

More Whine's an epidemic!

The White House has a serious case of the whine flu. Seems like no matter what they do, they can't shake it! It's gotten so bad that they are trying to shut Fox News up.......The Obama administration does not like Fox News because they have a difference of opinion.......what happend to free press? Freedom of speech?...more


Read my Common Sense post today.   It is on choosing our words wisely. I talk about the "N" word. I was also going to bring up "pimp", seems to be a very common word used these days. I don't like this word. It means someone who procures customers for whores, arrange sexual partners for others and for money. But I thought that would be a little over decided to keep it short. Then I go to post on this page (grooveymom) and I happen to be looking at the ads.....and there you are! Pimp your web site! Kind of like the TV show, Pimp Your Ride!...more


Say it ain't so Joe.......Snow!  Ugh! October 8th...........its true, thought it was raining, just saw the first snowflake fall.......its gonna be a long cold winter.........eating season, how the heck am I gonna lose this 20 lbs now?  I want to bake something! :)  Cold in N. Colo....more