Having a Baby at 40: A View from Down the Road

Pregnancy is a physical and emotional adventure like none other. As your belly grows, the list of questions you ponder grows, too – boy or girl, blond or brunette, your nose or your husband’s, and will you ever decide on a name??? Perhaps a little worry creeps in, and you long to count ten fingers and ten toes ....more

Mom Friends: Is It All About The Kids?

Mom friends. These are the wonderful women you met on park benches as you watched your toddler play or at the bake sale table for the third grade or even later on the sideline of a 9th grade soccer game. These are women you grew to love like sisters, the women who helped you raise your kids, the women you could not have managed motherhood without ....more

Mental Health in College: What Parents Need to Know

Dear Readers, I am just like you—a proud, tired, and often worried parent of two kids teetering on the brink of adulthood. My daughter just graduated from a highly selective liberal arts college. She once told me, “I am majoring in my own sanity.” And over her undergraduate years, she studied through bouts of severe anxiety, producing a thesis that earned her high honors in disability studies and her first professional job ....more

College is the Best Four Years of Your Life and Other Lies Parents Tell Teens

In the endless stream of advice we offer our teens, it is far too easy to fall back on clichés, well-worn turns of phrase or unquestioned ideas that contain only a shred of truth. Sometimes when I am heaping these meaningless, or worse, harmful, words on my kids I stop and think, is this really true or have I just heard it so many times I have come to accept it as truth? Here are a few of the aphorisms I have at one time or another offered up and why, instead, I owed my kids the truth ....more

10 Commandments of Dorm Shopping

Outfitting a dorm room might be just one more shopping trip if it weren’t so imbued with expense, confusion and nostalgia. It is so easy to get so much wrong and wind up having wasted both time and money. We gathered our cadre of experienced moms and offer up these 10 Commandments, okay “guidelines,” to help parents just embarking on the college journey ....more

Parenting Pendulum: Have Parenting Styles Swung Too Far?

When my kids were small overparenting was all the rage. Parents competed with stories of out doing themselves to help their children. While our own parents might have made us a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we went one better ....more

The “Mommy Track:” Interview on C-SPAN Washington Journal

The Mommy Track was a term that first appeared in The Harvard Business Review in 1989 and was largely criticized as a way women were shortchanged in the workforce. But in the twenty-five years since the debate began, women continue to leave their careers in droves as the pressures of parenting often give them little choice but to seek less-demanding work arrangements. Lisa Heffernan, author & blogger @GrownandFlown, joins us from NYC to talk working mothers & “The Mommy Track” pic.twitter.com/FqEzy10eSF — Washington Journal (@cspanwj) May 10, 2015 At...more

When Parents Ask Kids for Tech Help

Most of my generation related to the Super Bowl advertisement that showed an amazed Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel mystified by “The Internet.” I still remember the day email was introduced in my office and I thought I was pretty hip with my first huge cell phone. Today I email and text, have a rarely active Facebook page, use iPhoto, download movies, ebooks and audio books, listen to Spotify, and use my computer and the internet in various ways for my teaching. Still, I am self-declared “technophobe;” I have a former Apple Store consultant who occasionally comes to set things up or when I need tech help which I justify as a household expense like having a good plumber ....more

“In Defense of the Mommy Track”

Lisa Heffernan writes in Vox about the Mommy Track and the success that companies find when they manage it well. Vodafone, the telecommunications giant, announced in March that it was changing its global policies for new mothers. Beginning this year, all women will be offered 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and the ability to work a 30-hour week at full pay for six months after they return ....more

The Opposite of Spoiled: Review and Q&A With Author Ron Lieber

When I first heard of Ron Lieber’s Book, The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money, it was with a sense of misgiving. Fighting against the spoiling effects of upper middle class life has been something that has occupied my thinking for years and I was fairly certain many of the answers had arrived in his book, yet for me it would be too late. The Opposite of Spoiled Review I was both right and wrong ....more