How to Finish College in 4 Years: What Parents Need to Know

Imagine sitting in the audience at your daughter’s high school graduation, your heartbeat accelerating as the alphabetical roll call draws ever closer to your family’s last name. To her right and left you see her classmates, beaming with joyous self-confidence. Now, fast forward a few months to the fall semester of freshman year ....more

Dorm Room Shopping: 50 Questions to Answer First

Stop. Slide that credit card back in your wallet and set down that dorm room shopping laundry list. Yes, you are facing the mother of all back-to-school shops ....more

5 Ways to Smooth the Transition from Senior Year to College

Guest blogger, Annie Berning, is a college freshman who looks back on her senior year in high school, offering these five suggestions for those who will be off to college in the fall: I’m currently trying to accept the fact that final exams are looming and am amazed by how fast my freshman year of college has gone by. Honestly, I’m still in shock at how quickly the years of high school went. High school and living at home were so comfortable and I was nervous to leave it all for someplace totally new ....more

Moving Kids Out of the College Dorm, for the Summer or Forever

Here is the best-kept secret about the college school year. It is about 15 minutes long. ...more

The Perils of Passion

“We have come to believe that only those who have passion find fulfillment and success professionally. It’s as if passion is life’s magic pixie dust.”...more

“The Girl’s Guide” A Review and Q&A with Melissa Kirsch

I am a mom of boys. What I know about raising girls could fit neatly on the head of a pin. But here is one of the things that would be atop that pinhead: if I were sending a daughter out into the world I would make sure she was tightly gripping a copy of Melissa Kirsch’s The Girl’s Guide: Getting the hang of your whole complicated, unpredictable, impossibly amazing life....more

Dear Parent of Newly Admitted College Freshman

Congratulations to you, yes, to you. Although your high school senior has certainly worked hard to be recognized by their college admissions office, we parents know that no kid does it alone. Almost two decades of loving support is what led your teen to this day, so amidst the shouts of glee and the excitement you and your newly admitted college freshman are feeling, stop for one moment, raise your left hand and with your right hand give it a high-five ....more

Meg Jay: “Why Thirty is Not the New Twenty”

If you have a twentysomething kid, or think you might ever have one, Dr. Meg Jay...more

Help, My Kids Don’t Call Me Back

My kids don’t always respond to my calls or texts. ...more

March of the Juniors

Every year around this time I have a talk about stress and anxiety with my junior year A.P. students. Most of these students are your typical high achievers. They have been working toward college for as long as they can remember ....more