Was I the Best Mother I Could Be?

I friend recently tagged me on the Facebook Motherhood Challenge. It’s a feel-good activity: you post a picture that makes you proud/happy to be a mother and then tag other friends to post their pictures. Normally I love Facebook photos – beautiful babies, newly minted teenage drivers, pictures of weddings and graduations, even the ubiquitous selfies! ...more

How to Tell Your Daughter Goodbye at College: 50 Steps to Take

So, it’s been just over a month since you dropped your child off at college! How many checklists did you make?...more

College Rankings and How They Create False Hope

It’s fall in America. Besides resisting the urge to buy Halloween candy in September, we are again faced with college application season, and the strategically timed release of the latest U.S. News and World Report’s Best College Rankings. ...more

Missing What’s Not Missing

I have a confession to make. For the past few years I’ve been consumed with my older daughter’s college journey. From the emotional turmoil of graduation, the preparations for college, and the adjustment of living a day-to-day life without her for the past two years, it seems I’ve neglected a few things ....more

Preparing for College is Bringing My Family Closer

She has come back to us, if only briefly. She was the little girl who fought bedtime to stay up with us a little longer, who told me I worked too much and didn’t spend enough time with her. The girl who seemed to have a flashing neon sign turned on throughout childhood: Engage with me ....more

When You See That Your College Kid Has Found Their Tribe

My son has been away at college for about a month now. Hard to believe, but the calendar doesn’t lie. Here at home, we are still adjusting to the reality of his being gone, each in our own way ....more

When Your Daughter Calls: “I Want to Let You Know I’m OK But…”

To be a mom is to continually manage the fierce mama bear feelings that make us want to sprint to our child’s rescue, kiss away their tears, and band-aid away their pain. How do we know when to act on this instinct? And how to know when to push our internal pause button in order to give them the space they need to pick themselves up when they fall and, as they get older, to lean on other support systems they’ve developed? ...more

College Care Package Party: How to Really Surprise Kids

College kids love the care packages that their parents mail from home. But what happens when they rip open a box to discover that the goodies have been sent from someone else’s mom? Forty kids, all graduates from Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, New Jersey, were treated to a surprise this week when their moms gathered together for a college care package party ....more

Don’t Worry, You are NOT a Helicopter Parent

Last year I read a wonderful piece in the New York Times about the mother of a college freshman who jumped on a plane when her daughter called to say she had mononucleosis. In any other time a mom visiting, and subsequently taking care of her sick 18-year old, would be utterly unremarkable. But the specter of the helicopter parent hangs low over all of our heads ....more

Your College Freshman’s Miserable? Here’s What to Say

I went to college barely an hour from home. During the hour-long ride to school, I wept quietly in the back seat until my silent tears turned into ugly, loud, racking sobs in response to my father’s quip, “I’m happy that we gave you a good childhood.” I have often told my children the following story: The first night of college there was a welcome freshman barbecue and not knowing anyone I took a spot alone beneath a tree. At some point I decided that I needed something for my burger, which by the way tasted like sawdust to me, because I was so miserable ....more