Summer Vacation: More Than Just Summer Jobs

Right about now, high school and college kids are looking for summer jobs and, perhaps, a touch of panic is setting in. The economy has improved but finding a job for just three months, without many skills or a degree, has always been challenging. Good luck to all of the job seekers ....more

Rape in College: What Parents Need to Know

“I received a call from my daughter on Saturday afternoon. One of her high school friends at a college in California was raped,” a Grown and Flown reader wrote to us. “It was not a student from the campus – she was not drugged, nor was she drunk ....more

3 Financial Aid Mistakes to Avoid and Other Expert Advice

Mary Dell writes: Oh, January…college-bound seniors have now submitted their last applications and returned to high school for a final, emotional semester. While they turn their attention to a well-deserved victory lap, their parents turn their focus to financial aid. According to Jodi Okun, founder of College Financial Aid Advisors, the timeline for considering financial aid accelerates on January 1, with the annual release of the FAFSA application,...more

Grown and Flown, Chocolate Cake and Champagne

Mary Dell writes: On January 18, 2012, Lisa and I held our breath and clicked the “publish” button on Grown and Flown for the very first time. With that single keystroke, our blog was born. We were excited, we clapped, we hugged, we poured ourselves another cup of coffee and sat down again, and wondered, what exactly do we do now? ...more

18 Bucket List Ideas for Parents

Lisa writes: Life is short, hence the bucket list. The years our children live in our homes are even shorter, thus, here are 18 bucket list ideas for parents, year-by-year. When we are young it feels as though we have forever, but once we have children, it soon becomes clear that we do not ....more

In Defense of Tolerating Teenage Drinking

Marjorie Rosenblatt, physician and guest blogger, writes today on teenage drinking. For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground. Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys Our teenagers are growing up in a culture of alcohol consumption ....more

8 Reasons My Kids Are Not My Facebook Friends

Lisa writes: Don’t get me wrong, I wish my kids were my Facebook friends....more

Christmas Trifle and Love Lost

Guest blogger, Cathy Donovan, writes: ...more

Holiday Gift Guide: 25 Under $25 for College Students and Young Adults

Mary Dell writes: Looking for inspiration for holiday gifts for a high schooler, soon to leave for college or a recent grad in her first apartment? ...more

Early Decision, Regular Decision, No Decision

Guest blogger, Darryle Pollack, writes: I finished college in 1971, a member of the first class of women to graduate from Yale. I would not describe myself as overly ambitious–still, I like to be first, and I like to be best. Of course I want the same for my children ....more