30 Free Apps to Test Drive Before Freshman Year

Once you touch down in the never-never land of summer between high school graduation and freshman year, the time you spend with your teen in the very same room is rare and precious. Though you want to nab him to shop for dorm provisions and to complete his college paperwork, all he really wants to do is check his group texts to see where and when his friends are gathering next. But snare your illusive teen, ask him to sit with you, phone in hand, and take a look at a these great free apps to download now before he’s truly gone ....more

4 Crucial Additions to the College Dorm List

College freshmen are finalizing plans for school and, no doubt, their university has provided them with a long list of necessary items – immunization forms, financial information, and registration instructions. In our household, my wife and teen have downloaded the college dorm list and headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond to get the requisite shower caddies and surge protectors. They’ve rented the micro fridge and selected the meal plan ....more

Drug Addiction: What Parents Need to Know

When my oldest was about a week old I remember looking down into his beautiful eyes and being struck by an overwhelming sense of fear. Icy terror washed over me as I realized the full weight of my responsibility for this tiny human. How was I going to do this right? ...more

Teacher Offers Best Advice for High School Freshman

After reading Professor Offers Best Advice for College Freshmen, I decided to write my top ten list of advice for high school freshmen (and older kids getting ready to go back). I have taught high school for 15 years so just think of this list as some words of wisdom from a teacher who has seen it all. ...more

“Love, Mama,” A Letter to My Daughter Before Freshman Year

My daughter left for college last August. This is the letter I gave her during our last family dinner at home. We laughed…we cried…and surprisingly, we let her go ....more

Grown and Flown Appearance at The Container Store

We have previously gushed about our admiration for The Container Store, writing...more

Why The Lazy Days of Summer Shouldn’t Be Quite So Lazy

It’s the middle of July and it is time for your teenager to get off the couch. ...more

We are the Luckiest Parents. Ever.

From the moment that we first pondered having children through the day that those children bear our grandchildren, we stand apart from parents throughout the rest of human history in our good fortune. While I love complaining about parenting as much as the next mom, I think there is value in stepping back for a moment, adjusting our lens and taking a more objective look at the hand that life has dealt us. I know all too well that many parents are faced with truly challenging situations and that life can be a daily and even hourly struggle ....more

“Dear Mom,” From Your Off to College Daughter

In examining the off to college process we have heard from the parents. We have looked at dorm shopping, adjusting to life without our kids and the silver lining that just might exist in the empty nest. But up until now we have not heard from the kids ....more

The UniversityParent Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year: A Review

The two monumental changes in our families, the moment our children arrive and when they leave, are marked with great emotion, some confusion, a feeling that life is about to change forever and a long list of things to buy. When our kids were born we read through well-thumbed guides looking for both information and insight, yet as they depart few of these guides exist. Our friends at UniversityParent have taken the wisdom of many writers, parents and experts and compiled the UniversityParent Guide to Supporting your Student’s Freshman Year: Packed with practical advice and insightful reflections for college parents....more