Dad, Alcohol and the Dipping Birds

On the main street of the town I grew up in, there were two restaurants – the Edelweiss and the South Seas. How a small town in Connecticut ended up with these dining possibilities I do not know, but in any case we never went to the Edelweiss (where I imagined the women wore lederhosen and the sound track to the Sound of Music was played in a perpetual loop). On the other hand, we did venture with some regularity to the South Seas where the drinks, with alcohol and without, came with paper umbrellas and where we ate puffy fried things in sweet sauces ....more

Parenting Teens During the Busy High School Years

Like most teens, my 17 year-old daughter is busy. Even though she lives just a few rooms down from mine, some days I feel like I have barely seen or spoken to her. On weekday mornings she is out the door by 7 a.m., has full day of school followed by a two-hour track practice ....more

Until I Saw the Clover

It was the clover that got me. I thought it would be the college acceptance letters, or the graduation ceremony, or the graduation trip with just the two of us, but it was none of those. It was the clover I noticed in the backyard tonight while I was outside with the dog ....more

Going to College: 7 Big Talks to Have Before They Leave

When we send our kids off to college it is all too easy get caught up in the whirlwind of graduation, dorm shopping, packing and moving. They try to squeeze in every last second with their friends and we may succumb to some nostalgia and sadness. But motherhood means looking forward and preparing, not for doing their own laundry and signing up for classes, but for the real challenges ahead ....more

First Apartment Cooking: 5 Fab Recipes from Katie Workman

When we sent our kids off to college, they lived in dorms and ate in the cafeteria. But soon, some of them found their way into their first apartments. With their tiny kitchens and equally tiny budgets, they needed some suggestions for cheap, easy, quick, yet delicious meals ....more

Lessons for a Ninth Grade Son

You are about to embark on life clinging to the lowest rung of a well-organized social food chain. A ninth grade boy occupies the bottom spot in a pecking order that was established many generations ago. You will inevitably rise from this spot ....more

A Review of Julie Lythcott-Haims’ “How to Raise an Adult”

The first half of Julie Lythcott-Haims’ new book, How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success...more

I Know How She Does It: A Review and Q&A with Laura Vanderkam

Not long after my second child was born I went back to work. I was grateful to have a new job, thrilled for the opportunity to be back on a trading floor and determined that having young sons would not hold me back. One day shortly after I returned to work my nanny called — and I know you saw this coming — to say that she had been sick all morning and could not longer watch my boys ....more

Having a Baby at 40: A View from Down the Road

Pregnancy is a physical and emotional adventure like none other. As your belly grows, the list of questions you ponder grows, too – boy or girl, blond or brunette, your nose or your husband’s, and will you ever decide on a name??? Perhaps a little worry creeps in, and you long to count ten fingers and ten toes ....more

Mom Friends: Is It All About The Kids?

Mom friends. These are the wonderful women you met on park benches as you watched your toddler play or at the bake sale table for the third grade or even later on the sideline of a 9th grade soccer game. These are women you grew to love like sisters, the women who helped you raise your kids, the women you could not have managed motherhood without ....more