Darling, You’ll Be Great at College Because I CRUSHED Parenting

Taylor Kay Phillips, recent college grad and actress/writer/comedian, pens a note from an oh-so-perfect mom to her off-to-college daughter. Dear Peyton, Tomorrow we’ll pack up the car, close the door to your childhood bedroom, and say our final goodbyes at the gates of college. And like all mothers, I have a mind full of questions ....more

Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Teens and College Students

Need a few more ideas for the older kids on your shopping list? Here are the hot holiday gifts for teens and college students from Grown and Flown readers for 2016....more

Mom’s Advice to Freshman Son: “Stop Pretending to Be Happy”

When Lucas went away for his first year of college I had a lot of friends and family asking, “How does Lucas like college?” Their faces always looked so hopeful, expecting good news. I knew they wanted me to say, “Great!” But it wasn’t great. I was getting almost daily calls from my over achiever about how miserable he was ....more

T’was the Time of Christmas Break When All Through the House…

T’was the time of Christmas break when all through the house… Nobody was sleeping…except for my spouse. Finals are over…Fall semester complete. ...more

What Your Kid Should Know about College Auditions: 9 Great Tips

College auditions are scary. It can feel like your entire career, and your entire life even, hinges on those delicate two minutes in which you stand on stage in front of the audition committee and give it your all. But that simply isn’t true ....more

Ohio State Attack: When It’s YOUR Kid on Campus

10:26 a.m. An ordinary day turns out to be anything but ordinary when I get a text from my daughter saying; “You’re going to hear about a shooter on the Ohio State campus. I’m safe and far away from it. Don’t worry.” I stare at my phone ....more

What This Mom REALLY Wants For Christmas: 21 Things

For weeks now, my kids have been asking me what I want for Christmas. And I have said the thing that I am supposed to say, that I always say — I don’t need anything. I just want all of my children to be healthy and happy ....more

Internships and the Pressure to Build a Perfect Resume

During the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college, I babysat for my neighbor’s children to earn a bit of cash for the upcoming school year. My friends scooped ice cream, collected garbage, worked as bank tellers or at whatever menial job they could find. None of us were particularly concerned about getting internships because it never occurred to us, at the age of 19, that we needed to start building our professional futures ....more

My Son’s Depression: I Never Saw it Coming

Actual, physical heartache is real. I am now confident that it exists. I have to admit – I had my doubts until, a year ago, when I jokingly asked my son what the band aids on his arm were hiding, and he looked at me with tears in his eyes ....more

What Happened to My Family After My Older Son Left for College

As the minivan pulls out of the parking lot after moving our older son into his dorm room, at a college 595 miles away from home, tears start to flow down my cheeks. Not because this is a milestone or that I will miss him terribly (both of which are undeniably true), but because our comfortable “foursome,” two parents and two children living under the same roof, has suddenly become an uncomfortable “threesome.” I wasn’t questioning the calculation – two plus one = three without a doubt, but I couldn’t figure out how this new math was going to work itself into our daily lives. My younger son was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, becoming king of the jungle with no older sibling demanding attention ....more