Tomato tart with gruyere cheese... oh wow!

Yesterday was Farmers Market here in South Pasadena and i always get a little too excited when i see fresh produce. A stand with fat juicy tomatoes got my attention. I was sold. While walking home i was thinking of a recipe that would include my tomatoes and remembered a tomato tart recipe my mom makes....more

Green Papaya Salad

Ive always wanted to make my own papaya salad ever since i tried it in a restaurant back home Tongs Thai Cuisine.  Ive been to a couple here in LA but hand downs nothing beats Tongs. Best thing is Mr. Tong grows everything himself and you know what that means don´t ya? ORGANIC! And im a sucker for organic....more

Italian Pesto

We had such a busy weekend that i wasnt able to touch my computer at all! I went to my first Rose Bowl flea market and it was so much fun. I wanted to stay more time but Dan and a friend of mine wanted to watch a Chargers game so we had to leave early. – Snooze!-...more

Poached Pears with Chocolate Hazelnuts Crumbs

Yes, it as good as it sounds! I gotta say i´ve never tried this and all the credit has to go to Sukaina from Sips and Spoonsfuls. Hats off to her cuz shes just plain genius. The only little thing I added from her recipe was Grand Marnier Liqueur for a little kick. Hope you enjoy this as much as i did!Get the complete recipe on my blog...more

Spanish Rice

In our house we love cilantro! I put cilantro on almost everything and it makes sense I put it in our rice and it gives this Spanish rice recipe an extra kick and unforgettable flavor you will love. This side dish is perfect for taco night, a simple side for any meal or if you add sausage, seafood or poultry it will make a fantastic entrée.  Make this rice recipe for dinner and throw a little fiesta in your house! Enjoy! ...more

Cilantro- Lime Quinoa

Today marks the first meatless monday of 2014! Even though im having a smoothie, I made Dan my favorite quinoa recipe. Pronounced KI-NUA for both english and spanish. Quinoa not only tastes great but it is high protein, and it is part of another major food trend of today: gluten free eating. Quinoa is coated with a toxic chemical so its very important you rinse quinoa thoroughly. I hope you enjoy my favorite quinoa recipe: Cilantro-Lime Quinoa. yum yum yum!...more

vegan mango mousse