Top 10 Things I Learned as a Mom

Top 10 Things I Learned as a Mom. ...more

Broken Window Theory

Broken Window Theory   ...more

Where Have all the Moms Gone? How the Internet Wrecked the Local Community

I am writing this sitting at yet another empty park. Where have all the moms gone? Up until about eight or nine years ago, I could take my kids to the park and know that there would be another lonely mom looking for some adult interaction. Now, when I go to the park, it is me, my littles, and the lawn maintenance man. I think I have spent more hours in the company of the lawn maintenance man than any other adult in the last few years....more
My mom friends are mostly women I liked before we had kids, though I did meet six amazing women ...more

How to Enjoy your Kids.

How to Enjoy your Kids.  ...more

Enjoy Your Moments

Wednesday, May 22, 2013Enjoy your moments. ...more

Goal Setting for Moms

Goal Setting for Moms. ...more