Secret Shopper (NOVEL) Cover Reveal!

Revealing the cover for my upcoming Romantic Comedy, Secret Shopper! Expected release date, May 13th.

Kevin Smith, McFly and Writing Constipation

Here's to 2013. My latest blog post at Guam Goddess in Training.

Identity Crisis

"Mom, am I more Chamorro or more American?" Blogging about Identity Crisis...

How to Do You Maintain MOMENTUM in your writing? Become Wonder Woman....

I write, therefore I can write some more. Writing about MOMENTUM.

Enlarged to Show Texture

Enlarged to Show Texture. Is this something you do? This was initially meant to be an ode to my little brother, took a side street about misrepresentation and life, but eventually, it became an ode to my little brother. I will miss him as he returns to Guam.

Come on! Kick the Hornet's Nest Already!

Everyone needs a good fire under their butts sometimes to get things going again. I'm definitely no exception. After some inspiration, I've dusted off my manuscript and offered it to the Beta Reader gods. Still hoping my romantic comedy will finally grow up to be a real live novel. ♥Guam Goddess in Training ...more

My Comic Con Twilight-Breaking Dawn Experience

My Comic Con Twilight - Breaking Dawn experience today: from the 12 hour wait in line, the 7 minute movie treat to the joy of both the exhaustion and exhiliration of it all.

The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award for me?

Blogging about my blog's first bestowal...Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award. A nice gesture from fellow mom bloggers and it helps bring an audience to your blog.

Bottle It Up! Library + Post Office = Memories

Blog Time: I ♥ the smell of paper, more so over flowers. Two places I get my fix? The library and post office.

RIP Nora Ephron...

Just reflecting on the type of writer I hope to be. RIP Nora Ephron, Ray Bradbury