Resolving to Unresolve New Year's Resolutions

I went to a neighborhood yoga class this weekend. As we arranged our mats around the little market that hosts yoga on Saturday mornings, the instructor opened the class by talking about new year's resolutions....more

Thank You Notes: Social Must or Time Suck Bust?

Now that Little Dude's birthday has come and gone, and he's enjoying all the new toys he received as gifts, I'm left with only one last thing to do. Thank you notes....more
If someone takes the time out to shop for a present, or make a cake, or spend ANY of their own ...more

I Am Powerful

Reading through the blog posts recapping the BlogHer '10 conference, I came across a post by Denise Tanton about how we, as women, need to embrace our power and strength. "You. Are. Powerful," she wrote. "But many of you don't know it -- or don't recognize it -- or don't own your power." ...more

although I do understand what you feel, (as I feel the same way, and think we all do) we are all ...more

Visiting the World of Wonderment

With Big Dude working all weekend and the weather outside so iffy, I asked Little Dude if he would like to go see Toy Story 3....more