Two books to make the Vegan Police proud

I'm generally not a fan of the vegan police. Nonetheless they pop up everywhere, testing your "veganess" and appointing themselves the judge and jury to decide whether or not you are vegan enough. They irk me in every way ....more

Plum Genius!

As a vegan mom I get asked constantly if my daughter is vegan or if I'm raising her vegan. I always answer proudly yes! I know many vegan mom's get bombarded with the "so, is that healthy" question but thankfully, being a pediatric dietitian has it perks in that not too many people ask me silly questions when it comes to my child's health ....more

It's Time To Let Your Inner Hippie Out For A Walk

So...I thought with my post about the Shea Moisture line of...more

Here I Go...Eating Cookies Again

Social media has helped me learn one important thing about myself, I'm an emotional eater and my food of choice is sweets. I realized that at one point nearly everyone of my tweets and...more

GROWING WAISTLINE ALERT!!! You're about to eat a tub of cookie dough

The Whole Foods in my neighborhood is like Costco on Sunday's. If you've never been to a Costco on a Sunday afternoon it is aisle after aisle after aisle of free samples. My Whole Foods is like this at least 3 days out of any given week ....more

The Times They Are A Changin'...

When I started this blog I was a single gal with a coupe dogs, a couple goats and a new cookbook on the horizon. Since then my life has changed immensely! I have three cookbooks under my belt, got my Master's in Nutrition, am now a registered dietitian and lactation consultant...more

Don't Put This In Your Mouth!

I've been undertaking the very risky task of experimenting with new recipes while feeding a toddler. As any parent knows this is a risky proposition. Come to think of it, testing out new recipes is a risky proposition for anyone! ...more

Cookbook Review: The Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour at Home + A New Recipe!

When author Brian Patton aka...more

Final Week of Feeding A Family For $50 A Week!

So here we are, week 5 of the $50 a week grocery experiment. The past 4 weeks have been an incredible learning experience for me. They have taught me discipline, helped me become a better and more creative cook and made me organize myself in a way that I had not really done before ....more

Week 4: Feeding the Family for $50 A Week!

Week 4 is here!!!! I have to admit, the level of planning and preparation it takes to go to the grocery store these days is starting to wear on me. I always thought I planned out my meals ahead of time and stuck to my list but in reality I made a very rough plan of the meals I wanted to eat, never based on what was actually already in my pantry and I never stuck to my list ....more