Help! I'm Addicted to K Cups

I like to think I'm a good person and at least a pale shade of green.  My recycling trash container is always much fuller than than the one that contains, well, trash.  I buy recyled, local, organic, advocate for sustainable solutions at the architectural office I work at.  I know what Cradle to Cradle is, unplug electrical things when I can and when they aren't needed....I really really try to be a good person.But my partner's daughter gave him a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas....more

Now you've inspired me to a comparative study.  Tassimo Senseo, ...more

Me and Oral Roberts

Heal!! He laid on hands, this intense, florid man, sweating and teary eyed.  The man, woman, or child kneeling at his feet--if they weren't on a stretcher or in a wheel chair--frequently were crying too.  Their stories had been told, their need for healing proclaimed to the heavens and the congregation--along with us out in television land. Oral Roberts seemed to wrest miracles from Jesus; the physical effort was evident .  Nothing gentle about this....more

Delete: The Key to Surviving the Holidays Semi-Sane & Somewhat Solvent

HearthSong is having an incredible sale.  Lands End has free shipping.  Amazon knows just what I love to read.  Sephora can make me beautiful and send me free samples, too.  Airlines are begging me to fly and hotels are almost willing to pay me to stay.Every penny I have is allocated before my automatic deposit hits my account....more

Riding the Invisible Dragon

Once upon a time there was a princess who set at her desk most of the day and wept.  She tried to hide her face from others because weeping at her desk was not in her job description. There were times she wept because something sad had happened, but sometimes she wept because the dragon she was riding dove for the ground. ...more

I Am Like SO Sure

Monday, November 9, 2009...more

Letting Go at Christmas (Hanukkah and Kwanzaa too along with the Solstice and Boxing Day)

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away.... No, that's not how it begins even if it feels that way sometimes.   Once upon a time I was the mommy, the big sister, and the hostess for the holidays.  I had the children (grandchildren).  Family came to us.Primarily what I remember is exhaustion.  Up late filling stockings, putting together whatever toys had to be assembled and why did we always buy such?  Getting the turkey ready to go in the morning....more

I THINK I Believe in Being Positive. Maybe (Barefoot on the Ground)

Oh, Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief" used to be one of my favorite prayers--along with "Send my roots rain," and "please, please, please let there be enough money in my account to cover that last check."  (I don't know if it's true there are no atheists in foxholes, but I'm pretty damn sure there aren't too many the day before payday when you really needed that check two days earlier.)...more