Now THIS is Irony

Mama to more than just 2 tangible children, survivor of domestic violence, treading water in the sea of poverty and single parenting.Last week we hit yet another low.   These rides are not easy for someone like me, who is most decidedly not manic but prefers a nice, even,  predictable world filled with like-minded Virgos....more
Anything I can come up with sounds paltry and cannot encompass the struggles you are ...more

Impoverished Parenting

I did not grow up poor. We were not rich either. At one point in this country, there was a rather substantial middle class. I lived in a large house with a huge yard. I had nice clothes, my own room, toys, dance lessons, piano and violin lessons, ski passes, horse-back riding lessons, summer vacations to Maine, trips to Disney World, and a week or so of residential camp. ...more
Thank you for sharing this - every real face put on poverty is one more drop in the bucket to ...more