National Retailer in Australia Under Fire for Selling Lewd T-shirts to Kids

Jay Jays’ Little Losers line of clothing was criticised by the Australian Childhood Foundation in Sydney's Daily Telegraph, saying the t-shirt slogans send the wrong message to kids. Based on MR MEN characters, T-shirt slogans include: Mr Pimp; Mr Drunk; Mr Well Hung; Mr Asshole; Miss Wasted; Miss Floozy; Miss bitch... The Little Losers clothing line is being marketed to kids aged 12 to 17 and includes, t-shirts, mini skirts, shorts, accessories and sleepwear. But it is the t-shirt slogans that has parents up in arms and calling for the tees to be pulled from sale. ...more

I totally agree... I have heard that Jay Jays has agreed to remove the t-shirts from their ...more

Latest Google Page Rank Update

Google Page Rank (GPR) is rolling out another Page Rank update. The last update in October 2007 hit the blogosphere hard with some bloggers having their GPR dropped to 0/10 for participating in payment for links and pay-per-post. The blogosphere reacted by criticising Google for interfering with the economy of the Internet. So it will be interesting to see what happens this time around. ...more

The CP80 Initiative: a viable alternative to ISP filtering in Australia

The CP80 Initiative: a viable alternative to ISP filtering in Australia Well I’m not hearing a lot of support for ISP filtering and the clean feed proposed by the federal government on 31 December 2007. So I was wondering how Internet users feel about the CP80 initiative being proposed in the United States. If a similar system were introduced in Australia, it would not only prevent children from being exposed to pornography, a similar initiative here would alleviate many of the concerns raised in the debate on ISP filtering. ...more

If you are concerned about the exposure of kids to pornography on the Internet please visit the ...more

New Laws to Protect Aussie Kids Online is Not Censorship

One of Australia’s largest news sites was wrong to call new legislation restricting access to adult content on the internet ’censorship’. As a parent I applaud the government’s attempt to address the problem of kids having access to adult content on the internet and via mobile phones. ...more

Battle of the Feminist Bloggers

There has always been division between feminists. Simply being a ‘woman’ is not enough common ground for individuals who are from different backgrounds, different social classes and different generations. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that the old divisions within the movement have resurfaced in the blogosphere. ...more

I'm less bothered by the arguement between these two than I am by the assumptions that their ...more

Blogger from Down Under

At 38 years of age I am a mature age student of journalism, webmaster and the mother of teenagers, residing in Sydney, Australia. ...more

Forum moderators owe a duty of care to the public

Just found an interesting article posted by Paul H. Heintz at that I think all forum moderators should take a look at. ...more

Invitation to Women to be Guest Bloggers

I am currently trialing the idea of inviting other bloggers to register for the purposes of posting articles on my blog. In addition to bringing more quality content to this blog, this will give bloggers the opportunity to reach a whole new audience. I am particularly interested in hearing from women who blog about business, but all writing of interest to women would be welcome. If the blog isn’t abused by spammers or other undesirables, this will become a permanent feature of Australian Women Online. ...more

How Much Money Do Bloggers Earn?

I just found a great post by professional blogger and webmaster Darren Rowse of ProBlogger: How Much Money Do Bloggers Earn Blogging? Darren Rowse recently surveyed 857 bloggers and published the results on his blog: 49% earned under $100 23% earned over $1000 16% earned over $2500 9% earned over $15000 ...more
@mayhemstudios I would have to agree.more

Making Money on the Internet

If you want to make money on the internet and have the freedom of working from home, get creative and build a website that offers: either quality content and/or a product or service people actually want. I know that's not what you wanted to hear at this point, but it's the only honest and genuine way of making a living on the internet. It might sound impossible, but many others have done it. Here is some ideas I've picked up over the years, but don't be afraid to try something new: ...more