Is It Safe to Dye Pubic Hair?

Kathleen P. recently asked me if it is safe to dye pubic hair. Specifically, she wrote: "When I saw the Sex & the City episode when Samantha dyed her pubic hair, I thought it was the stupidest, most unrealistic story line ever... My, how things can change in a few years. I'm in my mid-40's now and I've noticed that I have a significant amount of grey hair down there. When she dyed her pubic hair it turned a hideous color and she ended up removing it all. Too much information alert: Being bare down there is not for me but neither is grey hair! Is it safe to dye my pubic hair?" ...more

5 Summer Safety Lessons

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and having a fun summer! I know I am. Unfortunately, a Mommy-friend called me in tears last night because her little one suffered a pretty scary scrape from diving into their neighborhood pool in water that was too shallow. It got me thinking it was time for us all to review and reconsider some summer safety tips. ...more

New Study Out on Prenatal and Multi-vitamins During Pregnancy

I'm a generally fit and healthy person but I'm never as conscious about my health as I am when I'm pregnant or planning a future pregnancy. For example, I was on prenatal vitamins 6 months before I even went off my birth control pills. Every time I went to my pharmacy to get both prescriptions filled my pharmacist felt the need to explain that the prenatal vitamin was for a healthy pregnancy and the birth control pill was to avoid pregnancy. He would then ask if I was certain I wanted both. He just didn't get it. ...more

Cleavage Be Damned, I Need My Coffee

As a new mom, I have a new best friend: a morning cup of coffee. I wasn't much of a coffee drinker before but the sleepless nights and constant baby-wrangling, has made it a daily necessity. Imagine my surprise to read that drinking too much coffee could shrink my breasts! ...more

Flu-Free & a Mom-to-Be

Winter is right around the corner so, as I make my holiday plans and vainly hope that I can fit into my pre-pregnancy winter wardrobe, I know there's one thing on my To Do list that I need to attend to first: Get my yearly flu shot. If you're wondering why it's such a priority to me, you've never had the flu. ...more

My children are grown and gone and I've not had the flu but I've been thinking that I should ...more