Updating my Home Study

I can honestly say I am (finally) in a really good place emotionally. The clomid did a number on me, but it wasn't just that. I think after so many failed infertility treatments, my mind (and body) just had enough. I needed a break. I needed to give myself time to breath and recuperate. Being home with my Mom, Dad and brother was great. Being next to the ocean, I was home. It was powerful. It was incredibly rejuvenating. I thought a lot about our next steps while we were on vacation....more

Pictures of Home

I've been back home for a few days and it has been a lot of fun already! It is great to see my family - I haven't seen my Dad in a year! My Mom came with me to Cancun for IVF #2 in April, but I haven't been back home to see the rest of my friends and family since last August. I usually go home a few times a year, but this past year I've been using up all my vacation time going to Cancun for fertility treatments. One good thing about my IVF being over is that I can use my vacation time to go to places I really want to see!...more

Airport Thoughts...

I wouldn't call myself a seasoned traveller (yet) but I've logged my fair share of miles over the past 5 years or so. I remember when I first started travelling, everything was exciting. I'm definitely past that point now. In fact, after a few bad experiences of almost not making it to the gate in time, I'm a little nervous until I make it through the screening and into the waiting area....more

Moving On to Letrozole

I went to see my OBGYN today. The last appointment I had with her was kind of intense, because I was not happy about my cancelled cycle and the fact that she refused to give me anything to help with my lining, despite the fact that it was only at 6mm at the time of my trigger shot. I didn't say anything outright rude to her face, but she could definitely feel my unhappy energy the last time I saw her. I asked her on three different occasions to please let me take the estradiol I already have at home to help thicken my lining....more