September Wishlist: 4 ways to cozy up your home for fall!

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DIY Ink Splatter Wall Art

Originally posted on thegypsywife.comI was searching the internet for inspiration on a DIY wall art idea, when I came across this amazing living room on Pinterest. I’ve obsessed about ink splatter wall art ever since!I put together a quick little DIY and created my own piece. I absolutely love it! If you are looking for an easy and modern DIY wall art idea, this is it!...more
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Sewing DIY: Super Cute and Easy Nintendo DSXL Case

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comSewing has become therapeutic for me. So with all the turmoil going on in our life, I thought I would do a little this evening.  I made this decision after a huge storm came through and my roof started leaking. At least I don't own the house! It's the little things ;)I made a little case from my Nintendo 3DSXL. (Animal Crossing edition!! Yea I know how dorky I sound and I don't care. Ha!) Below are the instructions....more

Visiting the gorgeous Ringling Museum…When can I move in?!

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comHey guys! I’m back! So sorry for the long absence. It was difficult to focus in the weeks leading up to my husband’s deployment. I really needed to take the time to be with my family and get through those dreaded goodbyes.We’re getting settled into our new routine and I’m back and ready to attempt some sort of normalcy in my life....more
@Denise Even though I'm biased because Sarasota is my home town I still maintain that it is a ...more

How do we do it? Handling goodbye gracefully.

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comAs I pack my bags to go home today I have so many conflicting emotions. I am beyond excited to go back to my childhood home for a week with my little family, but this trip is bittersweet....more

Summer Cocktail Alert! The Caipirinha is my new fav!

Origionally posted on guys! We made it back safe and sound from Las Vegas. We had some awesome family time and did lots of exploring on the strip!The huz and I aren’t much for gambling but we do love some good food and cocktails, so we spent most of our alone time eating and drinking. So very us! ...more

June 2013 Wish List!

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Getting Acquainted with the Elephant in the Room: How I’m Going to Survive Deployment

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comAll of us military spouses go through it. We all dread it. It never gets any easier. But it’s still our reality. Deployment sucks, but we each have to find our own way to get through it.I found out my husband was scheduled for a second deployment with in weeks of his return from his first to Afghanistan. Military life is a constant cycle like that. Just when you finish one monumental task it’s on to the next one....more

Vacation Style! What I'm packing this year!

Origionally Posted on thegypsywife.comSummer Vacation is almost here! We have a couple trips planned before my husbands deployment.First, we are heading to Las Vegas and then Sarasota, Florida. Yes, I am very luck to have family in awesome places!...more

Sewing Idea! DIY Nylon Strap Bag

Origionally posted on thegypsywife.comSo I’m new to this whole sewing thing and I’m always on the look-out for sewing ideas that are simple and practical. This nylon strap bag can be made in whaMy fabrics came from the clearance bin at Wal-Mart. I check regularly and scored these for id="mce_marker" per yard. Also, the nylon straps can be purchased at Wal-Mart or whatever fabric store you use. tever size you need. I made mine to use as a children’s gift bag, buy you can make a larger one to take to the pool or whatever.You will need:...more