How my creative life will never be the same post baby - a poop story

Or otherwise titled: Little H's Halo Headband revenge.orThe ultimate 'sanitize setting' washing machine test. This could get long so grab a cup of coffee and come back......I'll wait...... Ok so the other day I put little H down for her nap. She went to sleep without a fuss so I got down to being productive. I'd gotten everything ready before hand. ...more

5 tips for a balanced creative life

5 tips for a balanced creative life 1) Write it down! ...more

Hi. I find your list to be just as true for me today as when my daughters were little. They ...more

Nice to meet ya!

Hi Everyone!  I'm new here but I'm not new to blogging.  I had a personal / writing blog for the past 4 years and have just started a new one geared at Creative Moms.  You can visit me at   I hope to meet some fellow bloggers and exchange tips and tricks.  ...more

Depends on which service you buy from and whether you choose a hosting service to go along ...more