Are Room Mothers Masochists?

What causes fatigue? Too much alcohol, caffeine, partying, TV? Phooey, I say!I know what's tiring. Working a job in your kid's classroom!It's elementary, my dear room mother.Dear Ms. Yokelclinger,...more


"We are such stuff/As dreams are made on." (Shakespeare)The burning question I will confront at BlogHer ’12 is, of course, “What to do with all the cool swag?“For me, BlogHer is more like “HogHer.”  Shucks. So much swag, so little suitcase space.The swag is irresistible. Great product samples. Lovely gift items. Amazing freebies. The BlogHer sponsors got the goodies! While not exactly cashmere sweaters and diamond tennis bracelets, it is quality stuff....more
Oh, I am so on the same page!  I was just thinking about the swag and how to cart it home from ...more

Blogging & The "F" Word

 In Scrabble, the letter “F” merits a respectable four points. There are only two “F” tiles in the game set, which makes the number of words you can form with the letter “F” relatively limited.In the real world, the “F” word is everywhere.In the evolution of the English language, when did “Oh, darn!” become  “Oh, Fu#!” What happened to “friggin?” When did “fudge” deteriorate into “Fu#!”?...more
Me, too!more

National Boredom Month YAY!

July is National Boredom Month, and so I celebrate boredom. Come on, cultivate your ennui.And may the force be with you.If you are feeling bored lately, here are 5 HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS to shake ya outta that weary funk: 1. READ A BOOK.  WTF why not – How ’bout a clever book about boredom?ANATOMY OF BOREDOM – Boredom: A Lively History by Peter Toohey (via BrainPickings!)...more

Food Fight

I confess to playing around lately - with my food, that is.  I'm flirting flagrantly with a macrobiotic diet.MACROBIOTIC.  Ahem. We all know that “macro” means “large” and “bios” refers to “life.”But is eating macrobiotic foods actually “living large?”The macrobiotic diet consists of WHOLE grains, RAW vegetables and UNADULTERATED fruits, legumes (whatever they are), and lots of FRESH green plant leaves.  Absolutely NO processed foods.  NO additives.  NO preservatives.  NO artificial colors. NO butter. NO sugar.  What, NO sugar?...more
 @aig63 Hey, that's an idea, thank you!more