Gilad Shalit and the War in Gaza

This is a public blog post. Feel free to post and distribute online.   ...more

Byron McCane Compares Himself to Indiana Jones

The new Indiana Jones movie is providing the media with an opportunity to discuss archaeology. Byron McCane of Wofford College has the floor in an article about what archaeology is really about: ...more

Indiana Jones - The Most Famous Archaeologist

Neil Asher Silberman complains that Indiana Jones misrepresents archaeology. He says the movies are filled with exaggerations and inaccuracies, and that archaeologists are scientists and not adventurers in fedoras. ...more

President Bush Tours Israel

According to the Associated Press, “something about Israel brings out the tourist in President Bush.” ...more

Independence Day Blogging Continues

Another defense of Israel is at World Jewish Digest with Barry Rubin’s “Israel is Strong - Really.”  He claims  Jewish negative views of Israel are part of a Diaspora mentality, and that Israel is in fact strong militarily, socially and economically. ...more

Defending Zionism

In honor of Israel Independence Day this Thursday, bloggers have been motivated to defend their support of Israel and Zionism. Edward Beaman writes about why he supports Israel, although he is not Jewish, Israeli, or an Evangelical Christian.  According to him, support for Israel equals support for Western values and opposition to Islamic extremism. ...more

The Holocaust and the State of Israel

Last night, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke at the official Yom Hashoah ceremony.  He focused on the phenomenon of Holocaust denial.  Since the Holocaust is so clearly documented - in official government documents, photographs, eyewitness accounts as well as the concentration camps themselves, Holocaust deniers are obviously not searching for historical truth.  Rather, they are attempting to de-legitimize the existence of the State of Israel.  According to their logic, the State of Israel was created because the ...more

Congratulations to the City of David Website

Congratulations to the City of David website on winning the UN World Summit Awards.  The citation stated: “Its fabulous visuals and rich description of the site - in English, Spanish, Hebrew, French and Russian - bring to life the only place on earth where the only guidebook needed is the Bible itself.” ...more

Holocaust Commemoration

April 19, 1943 was the date that the Germans began to liquidate the Warsaw Ghetto.  This year it falls on Saturday, the eve of Passover.  Marek Edelman, the last surviving commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, will lay a wreath in honor of the 220 fighters he led. ...more

The Passover Haggadah

The holiday of Passover falls this Saturday night. Aside from the massive amount of cleaning in preparation for the holiday, the unique feature of the holiday is the Passover seder at which the hagaddah is read. The hagaddah is one of the most enduring texts of Judaism - although it deals with ancient history, diverse communities in different time periods have found relevance in the hagaddah for their lives. ...more