Kokum Butter // Healing Moisturizer

We have all heard of Shea butter, right?  The natural and vitamin-rich butter has been touted for it's easy absorption and ability to moisturize even the driest skin.  It is a favorite in many skin care products, often listed as a feature ingredient.  However, in the natural world there are a variety of oils and butters that posses vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that improve the health of your skin.  Though Shea butter, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera are key terms that signify quality and results, Kokum butter is a natural moisturizer that can truly transform your skin.  Kokum butter is similar to Cocoa butter and can often be used as a substitute of the butter.  Kokum butter is high in fatty acids which aid in cell oxidation making it easier for nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.  It is know to restore elasticity in the skin and is effective against the degeneration of skin cells.  Most notably, Kokum butter is a highly healing skin moisturizer.  The butter originates from India and works to soften dry, rough skin in addition to helping prevent wrinkles.  It also helps to heal ulcerations on the skin.  This butter is rough and dry in it's natural form, but melts on contact with the skin.  This butter is best used as an additive to assist in the healing of rough, dry and cracked skin....more

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Hand-Crafted vs Manufactured Skin Care

Home made or hand-crafted skin care has often been met with hesitation from a consumer base that is used to picking up their favorite bottle of lotion from a store or boutique with a multitude of options to choose from.  However, skin care products did not begin in a lab but were the work of mothers, daughters and grandmothers trying different oils and butters out to see what worked best to moisturize their skin.  Shea was found to be an easy favorite among makers of home made skin care products and is a favorite among manufacturers, as well as, home made skin care artisans to this day.  What this means is the idea of creating skin care as a profitable business began in many kitchens with one person concocting their own formula for what may work for them the best.   These women would take their hand made products and go to trade shows, sell to friends and possibly open stores around their skin care treats.  It was saw as a profitable business and with a higher demand for products a true enterprise was created which led to the manufacturing age of skin care.  Manufacturing allows for the skin care products to be made in large bulks, may at times reduce cost and the products can be distributed all over the world.  The benefits of manufacturing a product is convenience and accessibility.  However, the draw back can come within the ingredients of many manufactured products which many times must contain preservatives and other chemicals that will allow the product to stay stable over time and increases the life cycle of the product.  This is a benefit of hand crafted skin care.  The products are generally made in smaller batches and can be made without the use of preservatives that, with the more commonly used preservative being methylparaben, can be harmful to the body.  Hand crafted products have the potential to be and usually are made with all-natural ingredients.  The hand crafted production process is one that is slightly more intimate and personal as the person making the product puts in much work to find the perfect combination of ingredients  in addition to mixing, packaging and sending off each products.  The usual fear of hand crafted products are that they may be made in an unsterilized environment. However, most individuals who undertake hand crafted skin care as a business take pride in their product and put their heart into it.  This means that they would not jeopardize their name or their product in that manner.  It is similar to making a home cooked meal.  I would rather someone cook for me in their home than go to a restaurant where I have no idea what they are doing to my food and if it is even healthy to eat.  Hand crafted skin care is a more personal experience and allows the customer to have a product that they can trust and that actually works to moisturize the skin with healthy, non-toxic ingredients....more

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