CaliFaye's Back To Basics

W e've been having the most random weather lately. In one day it'll go from 60 and sunny to snowing. Adelle keeps asking me if it's Summer yet and my mind has been overflowing with landscaping ideas ....more

Oh LaLa! Adelle's Floral Dress

This girlie had her Kindergarten Program last night and I realized the day before that she uh, didn't have anything to wear. She was so excited when I told her I was going to make her a dress. Perhaps I've been doing a little too much selfish sewing! ...more

SSW: Not Your Grandma's Florals

T oday kicks off Self Sewing Week graciously hosted by Indie Patterns. So before reading the rest of this post, head over and VOTE FOR ME so I can win some awesome swag! Okay, you voted? ...more

Archer, Grown Up Style!

S o, Grainline Studio's Archer has become my most made pattern. After making my flannel and then reading Andrea's tutorial on changing the neckline I have completely fallen in love. It's one of those staple patterns that can make you look like a comfy relaxed person or a put together classic chic person with a simple fabric and button change ....more

Sew The Show: Nessa Stein Style

I have to tell you Alida from Alida Makes has come up with such a great idea, it combines my two passions: Sewing & TV! February's pick for Sew the Show was The Honourable Woman, which was a great little mini series and it features one of my celebrity girl crushes Maggie Gyllenhaal. Now Nessa Stein is all about that business, and pleats! ...more

How to Line a Bodice w/o Handstitching

M an, does this picture make me wish for Summer. I am a big fan of half-assery! I figure if there is a technique that I can do that requires less time and gets the same if not better result it's worth learning ....more

Valentines Day Handmade Lingerie

I figure since Valentines Day is so close I can justify sharing my handmade underthings on the blog today! Amy at Cloth Habit rolled out her first pattern inspired by 70's lingerie. I have to admit that I had completely written off the idea of sewing underwear and bras ....more

Fantastic Floral Ginger Jeans

H ello fancy floral jeans! This is the beast that broke my machine, There were tension problems with the topstitching thread and regular thread that sent my poor machine all the way to Kansas. Not really that far, but it stinks that there is no local place ....more

January Stash Blast

N ow this is my kind of white shirt. It's bellowy, and relaxed. I was hoping to actually share this in January but first week of February isn't bad ....more

The Houndstooth coat

M an, I was doing pretty good sharing each week and staying on schedule machine broke and had to be sent in for service, then the whole family came down with the flu. Finally yesterday I felt up to doing more than just sitting my ass on the couch and watching episode after episode of Friends & Poirot. I guess that's the way to end the first month! ...more