Five Quick and Easy Knitted Scarf Patterns

I have a friend who recently discovered knitting with alpaca. She is in love with it (aren’t we all…?), and is now looking for a variety of scarf patterns that can be knit with a chunky yarn on about a US 10 (6.0 mm) needle. She’s still a relatively new knitter, also, and doesn’t need anything that’s too challenging—especially when trying to finish up some scarves for the holidays! ...more
These are great pattern choices and yes Ravelry is SO addicting! :)more

Some thoughts while the wheel is spinning

Like Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Morgaine, I sometimes go into a trance when I am at my spinning wheel. It’s repetitive; it’s calming; it’s something that sets my mind free when my body gets into the groove of the motion. My blood flows along with the clickity-clack, clickity-clack of the wheel. Like rain on a tin roof, the sound is both natural and soothing. I can see that were you a witchy sort, you could be sucked into this motion and relaxation. How it could bring on a daydream, a reverie, make you contemplate the future. And the past. ...more

... you said that perfectly. I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you!more