Marriage 911

When your marriage is on the rocks, then it seems as if everything else in your life is falling apart along with it. Marriage is meant to be the root of the family. A strong root system means that the branches and leaves will be healthy, too. Investing in your marriage is also an investment in your family and in your life. Your marriage may be a little boring and need a shot of excitement, or your marriage may be falling apart and you are trying desperately to save it. Or you may believe right now that your marriage is beyond hope....more

The Art of Camouflage

This little secret is not to be kept strictly within the armed forces. Messes, spills, fingerprints, and other mishaps are inevitable (especially if you have little ones around). Figure out which areas in your home get the dirtiest, and design around them. I wouldn’t go so far as to paint a faux-finished rug on the floor underneath the dining room table that looks like Cheetos. That may be taking it one step too far. But, the busier the design, the better it disguises....more

A Touch of Color

Ever since the first day that I gazed into the pages of Teen magazine, I was enamored with makeup. I still remember that tiny box with a bottle of beige CoverGirl makeup and a powder compact that my mom gave me for my thirteenth birthday. It was her signal that I was finally allowed to wear makeup, and it was as if the gates of heaven opened and i heard a chorus of angels singing. I still love makeup - not because of how it covers up but because of how it accentuates....more