Will you join us for rice on Feb 8-10?

Hey everyone! Lauren Lankford (www.laurennicolelove.blogspot.com) and I are going to eat rice (and only rice) for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days on February 8-10th. Just a simple reminder that hunger is real, and that when we joke about starving, there are children and families who truly are. We'll have more information posted soon, but I wanted to go ahead and see who all would be interested in eating rice with us & blogging about it....more

Tell me more. When you write a post about it, I'll add it to my calendar (and promote your idea) ...more

Making Peace with Reese’s Pieces: A beauty message and a promise.

Fallen peanut butter soldiers, armored in chocolate with sugar as ammo, fell clumsily onto the table top. Wounded in transport, their exteriors were thickly coated in a residue of vanilla ice cream.  “Audrey, you are making a mess. Keep the Reese’s Pieces in the bowl.” “But I was only trying to get them to your bowl,” she replied, a somber look etched upon her face. “They forgot to put the candies in your ice cream.” I often forget she is only four, that I am her babysitter instead of her best friend....more

"Everytime I move, I make a woman's movement" Ani DiFranco

I am a feminist. I shave my legs. Housework does not bother me. I look forward to one day having an equal partnership with my husband. I am not opposed to flowers, chocolates or other forms of chivalry....more

I was so moved by your post. I feel exactly the same way, and you just put it into words ...more

The Story of a Yellow Sweater

Also found on my blog... please comment and let me know what you think!...more

Really, really good post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Contributing Editor ...more

This is your Christmas

Are New Year's Resolutions overrated?

So much pressure is mounted on these resolutions. Why not start today, what is the big deal over January 1?  I tackle this issue on my blog today....more