victoria secret show must go on!

Stop the presses people -- big news here.  Cue the lights, begin the drumroll.   Okay, listen up --here goes.  Victoria Secret modelsadmit to dieting prior to runway shows! Hooray!  Round of applausehere.  Big sighs of relief, finally!    ...more

holiday decorating bling

Is it time to decorate yet?  For Christmas I mean. Signs point mainly to yes I say. Only please girls and boys, take the pumpkins off your porch first.  Remove the scarecrow from your mailboxalso.  And don’t forget to takedown your pilgrim flag either.   ...more

breast cancer journey

    A woman in my neighborhood, I’ll refer to as Ms. A, wasdiagnosed with breast cancer over the summer.  The mother of young children,  Ms. A hasalways been active, busy, plugged in, socially conscious, etc… then suddenly,in a flash, her life just changed. Out of nowhere, like so many other women,wives, mothers, daughters, aunts, friends and neighbors, her life simplychanged.   ...more

calling all carmellas

     Are you curious about the mob? I have to admit that I am. Even one of my sisters jokingly refers to me as ‘Carmella” as inCarmella Soprano, Tony’s wife, on the HBO series.   ...more

black friday holiday shopping!

If the most wonderful time of the year is officially aseason, then can Black Friday be considered kick off?  Ladies, start your engines.  And guys, you too. Though this year,  with  many retailers offering pre holidaydiscounts, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is still considered gametime.   ...more

pregnant man?

We’ve all seen the headlines - pregnant man givesbirth!  Pregnant man expectingagain! Wait - huh? When did that happen?  Howdid it happen?  Has there been somekind of medical breakthrough occuring that I wasn’t aware of?  Have I been asleep at the wheel?   ...more

Friends don't let friends wear crocs

Hey people - don’t hate me cuz I hate crocs.  And it’s not even that I hate them, asmuch as I think they are not for everyone, all the time.  I think they are an adorable chic foryoung children.   I think thecolors and the add ons are upbeat and charming, and can look like candy on thefeet of little ones.  Girls andboys alike.   ...more

old school birthday parties

Do you remember thechildren’s birthday parties of yesteryear?  Pretty simple, yet magicalstuff, at least in the eyes of the birthday girl or boy, and their friends andneighbors who came over to celebrate.  Noise makers and cone shaped party hats,cake and ice cream, a few simple games with a couple of prizes, and voila,party in the neighborhood. ...more

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember when you were little, how you used to say, ‘When Igrow up, I’m going to …..(fill in the blank here). Well, now that you’re probably into adulthood, how’d thatturn out for ya? Have things turnout the way you imagined? ...more

man + purse = murse?