Are We Remotely Connected?

                                    I've been considering what it means to be remote and location independent, and how it relates with the connected quality of our modern lives. Today it sounds nearly redundant to express; but we live in an era of connectivity.  We are in many ways defined by it.  The article you are perusing was written thousands of miles from where you are reading it; in all probability.  There is, in fact, a strong possibility that we have never met, our paths have not crossed, and may never will.  Yet here you sit connected with me by our common interests. I am based in a very far flung location and yet we communicate via the wonder of modern technology. I for one am grateful for social media; when used in the proper ratio it weaves a web of familiarity between previous strangers.  We find a tribe amongst the masses and are the richer for it; all impossible without the medium of our choosing.  I may not visit you in Chicago, L.A. or Atlanta but we talk pretty good story right here in cyberspace.  Here in the South Pacific we understand a little bit about the word remote. We are surrounded by more water and miles than one can travel without some real navigating abilities…and a plane...or a boat.  These islands were settled by peoples who left family and land behind, looked bravely, heartily into the blue expanse and launched out into the deep.  I can’t help but think about how different the world is today, how much smaller after a fashion and filled with dramatic contrasts to times of the past.  You would think that we all, due to the inventions of the industrial and technological ages, would use these very things to help us explore what rarely could be done before, go to places and touch the earth and it’s cultures, tasting, seeing, experiencing for ourselves the raw, unfiltered way life is in such remote locations. ...more

Love Is...

                                                                                                                                                                                            One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love. -Sophocles                                                                                                                                                                      In honor of Valentine's Day festivities, we're going to share a lil blog aloha in a different way, after all, aloha is all about love and a more complete definition of love at that, and  this is a blog, so right there we have blog aloha! Now that you can see how serious this blog post is going to be, I have to dive right in and ask a random trivia question: Can any of our readers remember a cartoon and subsequent figurines apparently popular in the 1970s I think, a line drawing of a little boy and a little girl, always with the subtitle of 'Love is...'  My Uncle and Aunt had a figurine that said something deep like 'Love is...Never having to say your sorry.'  Probably given to my Aunt by her husband in a humorous attempt at an apology; anyone see the irony in that?   ...more
A great valentines day with Aloha is a romantic sunset zip line overlooking the pacific ocean ...more

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

                                                                   I’m looking for a few good men… and women.  It’s not every day I write a sentence that blatantly flirts with movie titles; that was fun, maybe I’ll do it more often!  We’re up to our eyebrows in inspiration for 2011 here at Ha Nui Loa.  For those new to these posts I’ll quickly point out that Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath, specifically the breath of life.  You may even have heard the phrase Aloha nui loa if you’ve been to the islands.  Ha is the first part of Hawaii; its life, it is the last part of aloha, you could say the life of love and hospitality.  When we say Ha Nui Loa we want to convey the thought “take a long, deep breath”.  Be at ease, rest.   The truth is we want to inspire you: there is a better way to live your day to day life, show you how to do it: not as difficult as you think, and give you the tools and confidence to continue on a new path: there are new destinations ahead!Ok, now that our intro is complete…cue music…on to new territory!  As we are all well aware we are decidedly into a new calendar, a new decade for that matter.  Thoughts of obligatory resolutions and determinations abound this time of year.  We are no exception, even those of us living on island time.  We went about our *consideration of things to come* process a bit differently this time around though, and while we are excited about some upcoming ventures, we really want to get some great info into your hands... ...more

We Are Out of Control!!

      News Flash: I have no control over the stock market, gas prices, whether or not you keep reading this (though I hope you will), supermarket sales fliers, computer crashes or my future.    In case you were wondering.   There are some days I would really like to control at least the last two.  Today was one of those days.  I suppose it should be said here that most of the time I’m pretty ok with being out of control if you will.  I get that this is the case with nearly everyone in the general populace save a few world leaders, whom I’m pretty sure at least think they control the future, and on the grand world stage, maybe they do in part.  The rest of us must face that there is just not much we can guarantee will turn out like we envision.  What we worry about probably won’t materialize and what we hope for often exceeds our expectations.  ...more

New Vistas...

“Life begins (again!) each morning…Each morning is the open door to a new world- new vistas, new aims, new tryings.”                                                                               &nbs...more

Abundance As A Mindset


Blowing Past the Dead End Signs of Life...

                                  "Discoveries are often made by...going off the main road, by trying  the untried." -Frank Tyger Yesterday found us with fists full of lava rock, faces grazing a rock wall with a stomach lurching drop off only inches away.  This was in no way part of our plans for the day and of all things it started with a dead end sign.  Now normally we would never recommend that anyone, ever, under any circumstance ignore a road sign.  That bit of disclosure done, we’ll acknowledge that dead end signs are really more of a great bit of information; a warning to save a driver potential time and hassle.  Dead end signs usually look alike, but they can truly be a “treasure located here” sign; hidden in plain sight.  Let me explain…...more