Finding Samuel Lowe by Paula Williams Madison

“Baby,” he asked, “do you know you’re Black?” Those are some of the first sentences in Paula Williams Madison’s memoir Finding Samuel Lowe: China, Jamaica, Harlem...more

My Response to NY Times Essay on Parents Becoming Less White

Image Credit: Do white parents become “less white” when they have non-white kids? That question is burning up my Facebook feed right now, thanks to an essay published last week in the New York Times. In the piece published in Motherlode, Jack Cheng (a Chinese American man married to a white woman) writes of his wife: She became less white when our son, and then our daughter, were born ....more

DisneyNature Monkey Kingdom

Image Credit: Disney Hey, hey we’re the Monkees! People say we monkey around… This catchy 70s song is making a comeback, thanks to Disney Nature’s new film Monkey Kingdom, opening today, April 17,...more

Dear Dishwasher, Where Have You Been All My Life?

A few years ago, I wrote a post about how I didn’t understand why people...more

A Woman on the $20 Bill: The Senate Is Really Considering It!

The quest to put a woman on the $20 bill started out as yet another one of those online petitions—inspiring, but pie in the sky, right? But thanks to Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) who introduced a bill on Wednesday, having a female leader on the $20 bill is one step closer to reality. ...more
I would love to see an Asian American woman on a bill, I am glad that a Native American lady ...more

Will You #Ask4More This Equal Pay Day?

Today, April 14, is Equal Pay Day; in other words, the average American woman has to work until today—four and a half months—to earn what the average man earned during the last year. And the wage gap is even wider for mothers and women of color. ...more
While learning how to count in elementary school we also learned who counted! While Bobby ...more

What the Heck Are You? The Racial Guessing Game I Don’t Want to Play

Melinda Frank (on the left) with her family Guest Post by Melinda Frank “I thought you were Dutch–you’re Indonesian?” “I thought you were Irish–you’re Dutch?” “Wait, you’re white and Asian?” “What are you anyways?” I hate answering the question “What are you,” because in my experience, that question always overshadows the more meaningful question of “Who are you?” So let’s get it out of the way now. What am I? I am a born and raised Midwestern girl ....more

It's Official: Hillary Clinton Announced Her Candidacy … But Not as Expected

I was glued to my phone even more than usual this weekend, waiting for Hillary Clinton to officially announce her entry into the 2016 presidential race—on Twitter, as widely expected after an announcement last week that she'd launch on social media. Image: © Jerry Mennenga/ZUMA Wire ...more
I'm  Hillary fan.  The video is family friendly, feel-good.  I have to say, I almost thought I ...more

I Hope ABC Renews Fresh Off the Boat So We Can See More of Badass Mom Jessica

Image Credit: ABC We’re all waiting to find out if ABC renews Fresh Off the Boat. In the meantime, read my thoughts about my favorite character on the show. On the surface, ABC’s hit new sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat” is about 11-year-old Eddie Huang, a Taiwanese American kid who moves to the burbs of Orlando ....more

The Real Victims of the Rolling Stone Reporting Fiasco Are Rape Victims

This week, the Columbia Journalism Review made a clear (and scathing) case that Rolling Stone made widespread and "avoidable" reporting errors in its piece "A Rape on Campus." The magazine officially retracted the story, but its very public failure sheds a disturbing light on difficult and sensitive undertaking of reporting on campus rapes. ...more
RachelintheOC Thank you for understanding this.more