LINKS: Asian, Hapa and Hawaiian Perspectives on Cameron Crowe’s Aloha

Emma Stone, as Allison Ng in Aloha. Image Credit: Sony Pictures The Asian American Internets have been on fire since the release of Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, featuring white actress Emma Stone as a mixed-race (Chinese- Hawaiian-Swedish) fighter pilot Allison Ng (like “ring” without the “r”!). Clearly, I think Cameron Crowe made a terrible...more

Meet the Minds Behind Pixar’s Inside Out

This is part of a series of posts from my recent trip to Pixar studios in Emeryville, which was generously hosted by Disney. Pixar’s Inside Out Director Peter Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera, Image Credit: Marc Flores, Disney/Pixar What exactly is going on in the mind of a tween? That’s a question any parent can relate to, so it’s no surprise that the minds behind Pixar’s summer film Inside Out...more

Professor Lori Tharps Seeking Asian Americans for Skin Color Book

Image Credit: Jorge Elias via Flickr It’s summer… which brings out the tanning anxiety for some...more

Why I’m Not Going to Use Uber for Kids

Can you believe how little and cute these guys were? The other day, I was half an hour late to pick up my son from his martial arts class. I had a good excuse: My other son had to be dropped off at baseball practice—across town—at the exact same time ....more

Getting Animated With Pixar Inside Out

This post is part of a series based on my recent...more

Food Allergies and Asian Americans: How Much Do We Really Know?

Image Credit: Alison Yin, CAAM The most satisfying work as a journalist springs from things I observe in my everyday life, among my own friends and family, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to delve into those issues that impact those in my own community. One of the things I’ve noticed over the past few years is the increasing numbers of young kids with food allergies. Not just lactose intolerance or a rash from eating certain foods (although that can be a sign of more serious problems), but severe panic-inducing — sometimes even life threatening — reactions ....more

6 Books Every Woman Should Read for Asian Pacific Heritage Month

The New York Public Library recently published a list of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Picks for Adults, and I was dismayed to find geishas and shoguns but so few titles that actually help raise awareness of the lived experiences of Asians in the United States, which is the goal of this designated month Some books were written by Asian authors, but not really about the context of being in America. And yet others were just problematic. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, really?...more
Ashleigh Burroughs Thanks for the recommendation, although I feel that while Lisa See herself is ...more

Take a Walk Back to Tomorrowland at the Walt Disney Family Museum

I was the guest of Disney on a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum. Image Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum Tucked away in...more

The Internet Created the Vulgar Meme #FHRITP. TV Reporter Shauna Hunt Fought Back

I was once a TV news reporter, and I know there’s always an element of unpredictability in live broadcasts, but there's a trend (not going to say it, check the hash tag #FHRITP) that's shocking— not only in how crude it is, but in how unapologetic its perpetrators are. ...more
I had to look it up. Really? This is *a thing*. So lame.more

Growing Up Asian in the Midwest: #APAHeritage Month 2015

I’ve been a Californian for at least half my life, so people are often surprised at my connection...more