I Can Finally Celebrate National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably already noticed that we got a new addition to our family. Yes, first a hamster, then… a dog! ...more

Who You Calling Anchor Baby? #MyAsianAmericanStory

That’s me… as a baby… back in the 1970s… with my parents… who were both legal immigrants to the U.S. After the resurrection of the term “anchor baby” in this presidential primary season, I thought I’d post this photo of our family as part of the #MyAsianAmericanStory hashtag that’s trending on Twitter. As I’ve mentioned before, my parents came to America after the Immigration Act of 1965 relaxed the restrictions on Asians entering the United States. Like most of the people who were eligible under that new law, my parents were highly educated or skilled workers — my dad was studying for a Ph.D. in engineering and my mother had just completed...more

Why Feminists Should Be Concerned About Trump's 'Anchor Baby' Comments

The term “anchor babies” — a throwback to the right-wing immigration reformers of the 1990s and early 2000s— is in the news again. And as this debate over whether this is term is derogatory (and the American Heritage diction has listed it as offensive) or not gets going once again, feminists should be watchful of how the term frames and blames women for these so-called unwanted immigrants....more

Great to See More Biracial Characters on TV, But Where Are the Asian Moms?

Image Credit: Fox I read an interesting article at AsAm news about a trend in TV shows. There are biracial, Asian-white characters on network shows such as Bones, Nikita, Scorpion, Beauty and the Beast,...more

Tell the White House What You Think About Bullying of AAPI Students

Image Credit: Tom Lohdan via Flickr Has your child experienced bullying? Studies have shown that Asian American teens experience far more bullying in school than other racial demographics, with over half of Asian American and Pacific Islander students reporting that they’ve been bullied. From the website: The purpose of the survey is to gather information about what bullying of AAPI students looks like, who is being bullied, on what basis, and whether AAPI students are talking to adults and peers in their schools and communities about bullying they experience ....more

Q&A With Prof. Jennifer Lee: Asian American Success Isn't What You Think It Is

Pop culture often portrays Asian Americans as successful because of strict parenting or just plain hard work. But a new book debunks the "model minority" myth, revealing the way government policies have actually skewed those perceptions. I recently interviewed Jennifer Lee, professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, and co-author of The Asian American Achievement Paradox about her research. ...more

The Hamster’s One Person

Last week, I finally capitulated and let Little Brother adopt a hamster (you can read about how that came about over at Mom.me). Then a few days later, HapaPapa took the boys on a long camping trip, leaving me to...more

I’ve Got a Double Stroller — and I’m Not Afraid to Eat Out

Image Credit: Calgary Reviews via Flickr This was my first Editor’s Pick...more

Hapa T-Shirts and Other Clothes For Mixed-Race Families

Summer is time to live in shorts and a t-shirt, and I’ve been meaning to share some wonderful small businesses that make it easy to wear your heart on your sleeve. Read on to learn more about four companies that are creating Hapa t-shirts and other items to celebrate the Asian mixed-race experience. 6 Degrees of Hapa I had the pleasure of meeting ...more

Growing Up Code Switching

We all wear a lot of hats — or masks, sometimes — but those of us who move between different cultures are especially familiar with adapting our speech patterns, mannerisms, and other practices depending on what group we’re around. It’s called code switching. If you are an immigrant (or child of immigrants), live in an ethnic community, or are in a multiracial family, chances are you do it too ....more