Turning Obstacles into Opportunities with HOPE

My story is one of turning obstacles into opportunities, a lesson I have learnt over the last year and a half. In 2013 I was ranked 1st in Canada and 10th in the world in my masters women’s CrossFit category. In 2014, I was ranked 1st in Canada and 7th in the world and at age 50, I was heading back to the CrossFit Games in Carson, California ....more

Healthy Treats for the Furry Friend in Your Life

For most of us, our dogs are members of the family. They rely on us, they are there when we need them, and they even share the bed with some of us. They greet us with wagging tails and sloppy kisses and act like we are the best thing in their lives — which we probably are, except for maybe their favorite ball ....more

5 Simple Ways to Give Back for the Holidays

I am as guilty of it as anyone: making the “I just don’t have any time” excuse. We all do it. Whether we’re open-heart surgeons or stay-at-home moms, one thing anyone from any walk of life could tell you is that they don’t have enough time ....more

How a Passion for Helping People and Holistic Health Can Turn Into a Career

Have you ever done business with someone so passionate about what it is they were doing that it made you excited too—even if it required you to make some not-so-easy changes in your life? Maybe it was a particular banker who managed to get you pumped about saving or investing your money when just years earlier you were up to your eyeballs in debt. Or perhaps it was a chef you met who inspired you so much that you decided to go outside your comfort zone and purchase new kitchen gadgets and start experimenting with different foods and spices....more

Healthy Omelet Muffins

The ringing of an alarm clock signals the start of a new day. It’s also tells me that the races have begun! After hitting snooze once or twice, the stress of getting out of the house on time really builds ....more

The Independent Single Women’s Home Buying Guide

Today’s post is sponsored by NPBS Mortgages. Hope this article inspires you to take the next step! We can vote, engage in politics and get to do virtually anything we want – why not buy our own homes instead of just being homemakers? ...more

Two Peas in a Separated Pod – A True Story of Adoption

My name is Carole Sanguedolce. Almost 20 years ago I received the most amazing gift of a sister. I was born and raised an only child in Cobalt, a very small rural town in northern Ontario, Canada ....more

​When God Found Me in Jiffy Lube

Two years ago, I found myself in Oklahoma City (a place no one was more surprised than me that I had chosen to move to) fed up with the state of things. I could sense there was a crossroad loaming up ahead and I wasn’t sure what it meant. I enjoyed living in Oklahoma, thankful for things like controlling your heat which was a novelty after living in New York City apartments for ten years, being called ma’am and not having to write “one thousand” before the rest of the amount for my rent check ....more

5 Camping Tips for National Camping Month

From early morning Pilates, multiple email accounts constantly pinging your phone and meetings every other hour all day long, you’re always on the go. It’s a beautiful time to be a business savant. On the flip side, as a culture we’re obsessed with working faster, harder and more efficiently ....more