Do Entrepreneurs Still Need the MBA?

We like to highlight women entrepreneurs here, and in that vein it’s worth noting that there’s been a significant trend toward women starting independent businesses in recent years. In late 2013, an article in Strategy & Business detailed this development by taking an in-depth look at the rise of “mompreneurs,” or mothers who opt to start businesses or become self-employed while raising children. Now, we recognize that not all female business owners or entrepreneurs are also mothers, but in some ways the label of “mompreneur” has become the standard-bearer for the overall rise of female entrepreneurs ....more

Life Hacks for a Greener Spring Clean

Spring is finally creeping back into the world, which means it’s time to throw out the winter dust bunnies and welcome in the sunshine. But before you head to the store for heavy-duty cleaners, open your kitchen cabinets and see what sort of natural cleaning products you already have. What You’ll Need — and Probably Already Have You’ll be happy to know that the greenest cleaning products are likely the ones you use frequently in the kitchen ....more

10 Reasons to Become an Avocado-Aficionado

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than to honor everyone’s favorite green food – the avocado? From your dinner plate to your skincare routine, the avocado is a multi-talented fruit with a number of different benefits. Coined as a superfood, avocados are becoming a popular ingredient used to address a variety of health and beauty needs ....more

Take Better Pictures One Day at a Time with Instagram #simplelife365

I believe that the new year provides a fresh start. This year I’m focusing on trying to take better pictures (among other things!). A few years ago I heard of a fun photography movement ....more

Merry and Bright

Hello everyone! Thank you for following me...more

DIY Beer Bottle Tags

I love images that tell a story. Even if the story only has four steps. Many of you know that I wear many hats…mostly wife and mom to four kids ....more

Stay Connected for Life

After our youngest son was born, I needed intellectual stimulation. The computer was the easiest place to go for an update on what was going on in the world. It kept me connected when I physically couldn’t ....more

Fandom Fashion: Making a Bucky Hoodie inspired by Captain America: Winter Soldier

Do you have a teenager in the house? If you do, chances are that your teenager has experienced “fandom,” enthusiastic appreciation for sports or a fascination with any subject, hobby or fashion. In my youth, my “fandom” was the Super Friends ....more

Choose One Word This Year

Are you ready to launch the new year with a bang? Are you looking forward to making 2015 the best year ever? “One Word” Movement In 2013, I wanted get involved with the movement...more

Gorgeous (and Free!) Photos for your Blog

I love taking pictures. There I said it. It’s supposed to be therapeutic when you confess your secrets, right? ...more