Spa Day!

Yes, I know, I gave you two endings. I just wanted to know which one you like or are they just the same? It’s been a rough few weeks, and it is time to pick up my spirit. You see Mr. Hollywood took back the car, leaving me with nothing but my brother’s old piece of a car to sell toys out of.Now I’m off to the spa. See what happened was…Nikki, a dear old friend from out of town, blew in and insisted that we head off for a day at the spa. I told her everything about Mr. Hollywood, how we met, the trip to California and how he threatens me with a lawsuit if I said anything....more

A moment of weakness

Sorry!!! Sorry!!!Without missing a push, he took hold of my breast.  The grin of agreement came to his face as he did as he was told with an added flick of his tongue.  It worked better on my nibbles than it did in my mouth. I felt it dance around, leaving a trail of saliva that slide down the side boob.“Don’t stop!” I said....more

The sound of the buzzer

Maz had my eyes crossed in a matter of seconds not to mention the liquid of sticky joy that escaped from deep within me was making its way across the top of the machineThe noise from up stairs had long exploded and we barely heard sounds of distanced echoes racing across a large canyon.I could tell that he too was ready to release the tension that was building up inside of him. The sounds of my lips smacking to the sound of the escaping suction started to quicken along with my hands motions of going up and down on his shaft, he was ready....more

Second rinse

It worked better on my nipples then it did in my mouth. I felt it dance around, leaving a trail of saliva that side down the side of my boob.“Don’t stop!”Yes it was a shout and not one of those soft whispers in his ear, it’s strange but his motion was tender but firm, fine not rough, and a touch of happy with joy. He was making love to me and that is when I remembered. During out friendship, Maz was a good friend, someone I loved....more

Laundry Room

I am soooo sorry it has taken me soooo long to finish this story, but man, has my life taken some kind of turn.  Now where was I...See what happened was......more


  “Hey Live!”I turned around to see Aaron was back and standing there in all smiles in his self glory of knowing he still had a small part of my heart.  If only he knew he had the softest, weakest and pointy part of the heart. Aaron started peeking through and buying items, between his fun, only to see Maz multiple visits. I had to tell the sisters about him too.“Hell! Don’t stop them. Take all of their money.”Like I said two hours of Maz and Aaron trying to see what the other was up too....more


I took Darkness by the arm and pulled her close to me.  “How long has he been here?”I couldn’t take my eyes off of him or could it be that being in a place like this, I’m horny. What is that you say? I’ve been having sex in some of the strangest places with some of the most “out there” kinda guys and with one look at this guy, I wanted to say… “I am horny.”“I am horny.”In all fairness he wasn’t as big as Mr. Beat me Bit me nor did he make love to me in an art gallery. I can even say he never sent me any flowers … He was ‘familiar’....more

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Well, I’m back at home. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is meant to be filled with fun and laughter even if the laughter doesn’t come until a few days later. (ie crawling on the floor, hiding out in a bedroom)...more

There's no place like home

Did you check out that adult toy website or did you stop by and take a good look around? Find what you need? Saw what you like?  Get what you didn’t expect? Good!I was driven home in a limo filled with flowers. It is a good thing I don’t have any hang ups about flowers, but am I being a bit cattie when I want to say … “Enough Already with the Flowers!”I don’t know how he found me, but I’m glad he did.  Who knew what I had to do or even explain when it came down to that situation at the hotel....more

Going, going, GONE

I had to hide. Not that I was frighten of her but this girl was use to being hit. I dropped down to the floor and crawled under the small table behind the couch.He hurried to her side and the two started their uncontrollable kissing, smacking and then they had sex on the floor in front of the couch.That sound? That sound! If you could hear what I heard you would have to be in therapy, for years. I could tell they were going to go for it when they bounced on the couch....more