Three Pouts for Brussels Sprouts

Strolling the aisles of the grocery, my eyes scanned boring broccoli and crowd pleasing peppers, but I wanted to try something different. I threw a bag of brussels sprouts into the cart, despite Gray's skeptical look.I called my sister to ask how to fix them. I knew she really likes them, and the one time I tried to cook them in the past, they were terrible. Stealing her foolproof technique, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much I like them too!...more

Where for Art Thou, Julia?

  I need Julia Child to come save me from my thirtieth birthday....more

The Saga of the Unmatched Sock

  It hides under the last pair of jeans in the laundry basket taunting me. I scan the room before I reach toward it with the same disgust that my son reserves for green beans. The unmatched sock is my nemesis.Each one seems to ask a troop of unanswerable questions: Why are there so many of us? Where did we come from? What will happen to us?I have only one answer: I don't know....more

I Love Gibberish

  After half the characters died in the first episode of a show Bubba and I were watching, we laughed, wondering how they'd make it a series."Well, those characters were just plot exposition," I mused.Bubba paused. He looked at me with a wicked grin and crooked brow. "Quit talking gibberish, woman."We both exploded into laughter. I almost fell out of my chair.I love words....more

Super Easy Soccer Suppers

With both my older kids playing soccer this fall, we have evening commitments four nights a week. Bubba's unpredictable schedule means that I am often running to practice when I would normally be fixing dinner....more

High Bridge, High Anxiety

High Bridge, High Anxiety A great perk of living in Virginia is that it has an amazing state park system. The one we visit most to swim and hike is only about 15 minutes away, but today we tried somewhere new....more

Purple Sheep and Backwards Pants

When I was about Gray's age, I refused to go to Sunday school without my mom. This seems like a strange fear for a preacher's kid. I don't remember my fear, but my mom remembers sitting with me in the little classroom. One day, the class was coloring sheep, which seems an appropriate, Biblical animal for a Lutheran lesson."So what colors are sheep?...more

Sticky Counters and Child Neglect, Plus 4 More Hazards of Home Canning

One and half bushels of tomatoes, two bushels of peaches, and many pounds of pickles: I accepted the challenge of preserving all this summer goodness, but a few things suffered along the way. Here are a few hazards of my home canning adventures: Image: Jesse K. via Flickr ...more
Love this...I may or may not have been guilty of drinking a jar of salsa during my canning this ...more

Someday When the Vanagon is Fixed

Someday... When the vanagon is fixed......the kids will be excited to be packed in the backseat all together....more

Two Snakes a Day

Many creatures have made appearances at our house; white tailed deer, more than 30 species of birds, moles, glow worms, opossums, and more. However, snakes remain fairly elusive to our yard. Only three have made themselves known in eight years. We saw a pretty sizable black rat snake a few years ago. Once a worm snake was wriggling in the driveway, and I saw a brown snake by the garage before we'd even moved....more