Today at the yard sale

Today while I was driving home from a lovely ride, I drove by a yard sale. Now I am a yard sale junkie. I love them. Today I literally stopped in the middle of the road as these beautifully framed prints caught my eye. They are of 2 riders and their dogs heading out on a hunt. They are called "morning" and "evening". They are just gorgeous. Beautifully framed. Perfect. I could not believe my eyes when I walked over and took a closer look. They were better than I thought. A real find. I was so excited....more

Mary Kay I go....hey ho hey ho

Well, today I am off to do a letter box drop to about 75 homes.  That is, I will fit that inbetween going to music school with my son and to the barn to be "beaten" up by my trainer, he comes once a week to train me and my horse.  We have a lot of work to do as we have a bunch of shows coming up....more

Home Schooling - Do I dare go there again?

Ok, do I go there yet again? But I have a question, on TV I regularly see these "learning centers" advertising, so, if the school system is adequate, why do people have to pay to help their kids learn?  ...more

Well said. You go girl! I'm with you on home schooling.more

My Mary Kay Adventures

OK, you know that movie where the girl is fascinated with Julia Child so she makes all of her recipes from her book, cover to cover???? (I love that movie by the way, because I love to cook).....Well, I have decided I am going to track my Mary Kay adventure, and see if it actually works - the Mary Kay part in particular.  If anything, it gives me a diary of what I have done and see how it goes.....success or failure???If you are interested, I am going to post it to my blog....http//

Off to the auctions we go.....

OK, I am addicted to the antique auctions - there are two well known ones that are very close to where we live and they are visited by people from all over the country - no joke.....people come in from NYC, all over NJ and then there were these nice blokes who had driven from South Carolina - seriously. They are primarily antique dealers. We went on Sunday - my husband and I both love it. We go to try and pick up nice pieces for our home....more

Home schooling - looking for mums who are thinking about it??

Any other mums out there considering this avenue?? I am looking for some mums to chat to about it.....the good, the bad and the who knows??...more

Thank you for getting back to me...I am going to go and read your blog right now!!! more

Looking for some helpful ideas....

Ok, now I am a mummy who is trying to get my business up and running and I know that there are stacks of women out there with great ideas and I would welcome any of them. I am a beauty consultant for Mary Kay....more

Love that idea of the dress selling stores....I am going to go chat to some local boutiques.....more

At the barn...

My son is a true delight and someone I get to share my absolute adoration of horses with. Thankfully he is pretty into it and has a blast at the barn and always announces to me that the barn is "fun". Riding for me is my peace time, doing dressage is hard work, quite physically demanding on both horse and rider, well very demanding on the horse! Riding this way, has taught me great patience, to chose your arguments carefully and to just let somethings go for the short term and address them later....not everything needs to be dealt with right now....more

A lovely comment regarding Home Schooling

I just want to comment on the comment I received on my Home Schooling post on my blog.  It was lovely to receive because the writer, spoke straight to all my questions and fears, hopes etc that swirl around my head as I try and grapple with ideas of what is best for my son and family as we grow.  The commenter knew exactly what I was talking about and it was so nice to read.  So it is a lesson to be learned, that sometimes, when you comment to someone, you can really have a big impact, so try to make it a positive one!  ...more

To Home School or Not To Home School

We are seriously talking about home schooling our son.  He is only young right now, but I have read and talk to so many people about how upset they are with the current schooling system....more

Homeschooling my children is the best decision I've ever made. Certainly not the easiest, but ...more