6 reasons why parents today are better off than ever

Each generation of parents is unique but the constant thing is they all love their kids dearly, are care giving and doing their best they can but one thing that kept ringing my mind is what my mother-in-law not just once but many times said to me, "When I was your age I didn't knew lots of things you know" and she is curious from where do I collect the information where is it all available and such. She is in complete awe. Her statements compelled me to draw-up a comparison. And I think the current crop of parents is great....more

Baby Proffesionals

I was thinking the other day that one should not underestimate babies. Just at this young age babies can be good at many things and can don different hats like:...more

Who's the Boss?!

With a baby in the house, it is clear who is the Boss? Enjoy the cartoon. ...more

Food is for eating baby, not throwing and playing!!

It is so much fun to see a baby grow, learn new things. I can spend an entire day just looking at him and watching all his antics. Its all very endearing. But sometimes just to get a reaction out of us they play up like spitting the food and throwing around and this one is not very funny.Just like the other day when my LO was in much playing mood, so he would fill the mouth ful and there came the food flying on my hair and my face. The same thing happened when I gave him the spoon the other day....more