What would you do with a $ Windfall

Every one sooner or later has fantasized about winning the lottery or some distant relative leaving you a fortune. Have you taken that fantasy any further to practicality? I know of some people who have thought the fantasy through very carefully depending on the sum. A margarita fueled fantasy gab fest is really fun, but haven’t we all read about the misery that some lottery winners endure?...more

Have You Hired an Intern for Your Business?

 A couple of goals for my company for 2010 were; I wanted to make a video and add plus size to my size chart. I also thought I would hire an intern for the summer when we were scheduled to work on these 2 goals. My thoughts were that a design or business major or recent college graduate might get something out of being an intern to a start up successful small business. I spoke with other business people I knew and got a mixed bag of reactions. Some had great experiences and some did not....more

Yes Ma’am, I am a Ma’am

During my 30’s until my mid 40’s I worked for a conservative company based in the South. I was a field sales person on the West Coast and had an in house assistant. We were about the same age but a different status with-in the company. I asked her to call me by my first name but she told me she could not. To her I was Miss Haralee. When I asked her a question, she replied yes Ma’am or no Ma’am....more

Procrastination No Longer


What we did before Social Networking

    What did we do with-out social networking? We lost touch with friends. Long distance phoning was expensive and people moved. ...more

Questions and Conversations, Appropriate or Not?

What do you do when asked a question or involved in a conversation you think isn’t appropriate? Do some questions or conversations about money, sex, health, politics, family or work make you uncomfortable? Is it questions and conversations with certain people that make you squirm? What about stranger conversations like the person next to you on a long flight? ...more

Woman Business Entrepreneur Learns the Reality of HD TV

Recently I was on a TV talk show in High Definition. It was a great opportunity, great exposure, and great for sales. It was not so great for my middle aged self esteem. I did not have a make-up artist styling my face nor did the TV studio provide one. What this means is that all my wrinkles, lines and shadows were accentuated and not favorably. 30 Rock just did a spoof on the Tina Fey character appearing in HD. It really was not far off the mark!...more

The Debate Over Leftovers


GPS Needed For Cemeteries

     With the ease of GPS and Google Maps on our laptops, Blackberries and phones, getting lost is really about poor preparation these days. If you do find yourself not knowing the correct address or zip code or with-out modern technology, some one is usually about with a phone or GPS that can help. That said; have you gone to a cemetery lately to try and find the grave of a relative? ...more