Budget cuts, Jobs & Oil...No scapegoat needed

Basketball Stars and other Sports figures make billions...did I hear that right, that James fellow and the big kaddoo about where he will sign...Billions?  While at the same time the President and First Lady are visiting Elementary Schools and trying to figure out how NOT to lose Teachers and cut Budgets...we're stupid.   ...more

A Wonderful Week for Women

On Free-SpeechTV this past week a 95-year old woman reminded us that crises and catastrophes are opportunities to solve problems and become better human beings…things are solvable…all we have to do is step up to the plate. The second woman I admired this week was...more

Denzel Washington (Book of Eli) and I are on the same page…

What's the connection between his project and mine?....When I took up my attempt to begin a change in the “abortion” issue I knew I would not have Pro-life on my side because I alone am responsible for myself (we are told to “work out our own Salvation…” Philippians 2:12.)  Neither would I have Pro-choice on my side because that word has b...more

What Is it that is making us crazy? Why does a mind snap?

Is it regret?  Is it shame?  Is it the realization that you took the wrong road, was I a good example for my children…were my parent’s expectations too high?  Why wasn’t one marriage enough? Is hypocrisy a disease?   Am I a failure?  Is extreme disappointment devastating to our spiritual selves and then manifests in the physical?   I wanted to write about Oil Spills, and Women Getting Elected but all I can think about was my sister who has Alzheimer’s.......more