Butterscotch caramel falooda

Falooda is a very famous frozen dessert of India,mainly served in North India.It is s fast both to eyes and mouth and sure a crowd pleaser.Here is an easy recipe for you to try your hands on this absolutely delicious dessert....more

Masal dosai

Egg less orange tea cake


Potato-moong dhal stew

As most of us know,rice and dhal are staples of South India and we eat this almost daily.That too in a home with growing toddler the importance of dhal and ghee is really high.This is when different recipes for preparing dhal come in handy. Though very healthy we cannot deny the fact eating the same dhal as sambar or with simple tadka again and again can turn out to be boring.But thank goodness that in our Indian cuisine there are so many many versatile methods and recipes using the same ingredients which make the entire dish taste completely different....more

Chocolate truffles

Decadence in every bite equals chocolate truffle :). A candy that will only increase your chocolate cravings :) Best suited mini sized dessert for your next kids party :) I think this is the best way I explain today's post....more