The Comeback: How Moms Can Reenter the Workplace

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A Free Speech Victory for All

Sometimes what’s good for one is good for all. That’s the result of a successful lawsuit filed by Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF)—a nonprofit organization that’s connected to Charles and David Koch—against California Attorney General Kamala Harris. While the immediate effect was to protect AFPF from having to hand over its list of supporters to the government, it’s more broadly a victory for all who believe in the First Amendment’s right to free speech, including for organizations with dissenting views....more

Women on the Front Lines Explain How We Can Better Fight Human Trafficking

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Meet the Brave Women Who Are Fighting to End Female Persecution in the Muslim World

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The Nanny State Takes Over Recess – School District Bans the Game of Tag

The Mercer Island School District in Washington State recently banned the game of tag. The district’s rationale for the decision was the need to revisit “expectations for student behavior to address student safety.” Specifically, the school district felt the move was necessary to ensure the physical and emotional safety of its students....more
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National Black Home Educators Forge a Path to Success

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Originally published on: Ramase Lajan is the recycling program established in Haiti by Executives Without Borders. The literal translation in Creole is “picking up money.” A name aptly given by Haitian workers, it serves as a reminder of the time when businesses and NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) formed alliances to rebuild communities and create sustainable jobs....more

Homework 2.0

Last week, a New York public school announced it would no longer require homework for students attending grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Principal Jane Hsu stated "the negative effects of homework have been well established.  The school hopes that by eliminating homework, students will read more and spend quality time with their families....more

The New Sodium Guidelines – Should We Take Them With a Grain of Salt?

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that new voluntary guidelines regarding sodium consumption are coming soon.   Americans consume about 3,400 milligrams of sodium per day – mostly through processed and restaurant foods.  The FDA thinks sodium intake should be reduced in order to alleviate a variety of health conditions faced by Americans....more

Strategic Volunteerism – Will Non-Profit Board Service Expand Your Skills and Network? who runs a business, manages a staff, or perhaps raises a family, might question the value or reality of adding volunteer activities. Many cite non-profit board experience as an entrée to new job opportunities, the ability to leverage their networks, and an expansion of their skills.Here are some questions to ask and areas to assess when you are deciding whether to commit to Non-Profit Board Service.1. How Long Is the Commitment?...more