Spontaneous KissKiss is a rather funny word. Think about it. Its more of a hiss than a tender affection....more

Gentle January

January. A Fresh Start. A Time to reflect, but also the perfect time to look ahead....more

NYE Sans Bubbles?

Why does New Years always have to be champagne & caviar? Who said it has to be silver and sequins?...more

An All Natural Christmas

For me, there is nothing better than an All Natural Christmas....more

Union Square Green Market Photos


November Leaves


Salad Lyonnaise...Sort Of

Salad Lyonnaise, that classic French bistro menu item, has always been a favorite of mine. With that said, I also have a greviance against this salad. I am not a fan of frisee greens. Its not even the bitter taste, as much as, the membraney tenticles of the green that just don't go down the same, as say, a peppery arugula leaf....more

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

 I woke to a crisp cool gorgeous November morning today. Sula was snoring away, so I stole a few more minutes, snuggled under my duvet, before she would wake and bark her demand to go on a walk.I thought about how it would be waking up in my new apartment next month. I imagined the sunlight streaming in from my back wall of glass windows. I thought of the kitchen. The kitchen of my dreams. Now a reality. ...more