Beauty review - gel eye liner

Jennifer ~ Haute Weekly ...more

The joke is on us - Pantone's Emerald spring trend

I'm sure you have heard/seen/read that Pantone declared Emerald the color for spring 2013.  I receive the trend reports from Pantone and a handful of others and usually am right on board.This season I have a sneaking suspicion that the Pantone minions were (in my head I see them as the yellow guys from Despicable Me) sitting around a conference table with paint splattered all over the walls, giggling. ...more

Show Your Style - how would you style this dress?

My mind was a whirlwind of styling ideas from casual backyard BBQ to evening out with the girls. Here are a few items (below) I’d love to style it with.  To me it screams for a huge statement necklace or some very colorful platform sandals.  Not both at the same time, mind you.       Go to our ...more

All A-bloom

Spring 2010 colors are rich and beautiful, just in time to get us out of the winter funk we've all been feeling.  The prints are vibrant and put a spring in your step.   ...more