Pay It Forward {Day 30/Year 2}

Huzzah!30 days of blogging...DONE!30 days of finding some way big or small to pay it forward to someone somewhere.Some were folks I know like my favorite bloggers, my son and my husband....more

Pay It Forward {Day 29/Year 2}

I'm not very crafty. I'm easily, dare I say, very easily distracted.I find it difficult to buy gifts for people and not give them to them immediately..............Why do I choose to raise Liam almost entirely outside of our household? Because it keeps me honed in, it keeps me present--in the moment.A skill that is almost beyond reach for me within the confines of our home. ...more

Pay It Forward {Day 28/Year 2}

It doesn't cost a dime to say THANKS and yet if you are anything like me you are far more likely to send a note when things go wrong than when things go right.It's easy to ask for a manager and compliment someone, but writing a nice letter about extraordinary customer service or kindness is really great too.We love the local nature center. ...more

Pay It Forward {Day 27/Year 2}

Sometimes helping others doesn't have to involve money or even leaving your house.Sometimes it's as simple as logging on to a website and playing a few vocabulary games. Good for bloggers and interpreters, for kids and parents alike. Tonight I donated 2,000 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme by testing out my knowledge of some English vocabulary words. English not your thing?...more

Pay It Forward {Day 26/Year 2}

I'm giving you fair warning, I'm going to whine just a little.We had the flu on Thanksgiving, sore throats and the sniffles yesterday and today we have the whole ungodly cold in all its glorious forms.I've got to be honest, it's not pretty here....more

Pay It Forward {Day 25/Year 2}

Black Friday is the perfect day to Pay It Forward. For me it's the perfect storm of shopping, deals and people watching. I woke with a sore throat and the sniffles after having had the flu yesterday, but little can deter me from the magical beginning of the holiday season. Christmas songs on the radio and an old friend coming up to spend the day together catching up and walking more than our fair share of miles was just what I needed to spring from my slumber at 3am. ...more

Pay It Forward {Day 24/Year 2}

The little Thanksgiving that didn't.That was the theme of our celebration today.At about 1am Tim and I woke to each other shaking, not because of an earthquake or other worldly disturbance, but because we were both frozen...fever. The fever morphed into insane nausea, compounded by a lack of ability to breathe without coughing up half a lung. It was official, we had both been hit by the flu on Thanksgiving. Total bummer....more
It sounds like you both made the best of it! I hope you feel much better tomorrow :)more

Pay It Forward {Day 23/Year 2}

All Hail, Day of the Kiddo commenced today!Last year, I did a day of Pay It Forward to Liam and I knew I wanted to include it this year as well.The day started with a Jelly+Fish=Jellyfish sandwich. You know, jelly on the new Pepperidge Farm fish shaped bread. ...more

Pay It Forward {Day 22/Year 2}

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you have been a student in a classroom at least once in your life before.Then, I'm going to assume that at some point you have had a really sucky teacher or two or three.Am I right?But, I'm also willing to bet that at some point in your tenure as a student you had one or two or three supremely amazing teachers.I know I did....more

Pay It Forward {Day 21/Year 2}

*Due to BlogHer maintenance last night, I was unable to cross post before midnight. I did however post this live on my blog on 11/21.*...more