What I Ate Wednesday: Whole 30 Edition

The first week of Whole 30 I just went with a basic frittata. Frittatas are easy, portable (which is great during the work week), and can pack an awesome flavor/nutrient punch depending on what you put in them. This week I made mine with chorizo, onions, kale, black olives and spices ....more

A Wedding Update Seems Like A Good Idea

I know wedding updates should be saved for Wednesdays because then I could title this Wedding Wednesday and everything would be cutesy and I could feign coordination and organization and FORETHOUGHT and stuff, but that is really not how I am rolling with wedding planning so far. I thought maybe we could just have some real talk instead. I am being a real pill about planning this wedding ....more

Whole 30 Grocery Haul — Week Two

Today started our second full week on the Whole 30, and as promised I’m sharing what we spend each week on groceries. (You can find our Week One list right here, where we spent a total of $65.66.) Last week, in addition to that haul, I did go to the store to buy a red bell pepper which cost me a whopping $2.08 (in addition to two hours of my life) so I really tried to ensure that I wouldn’t have to make a second trip this week. I went to three stores (eep!) but we needed a good variety of stuff and I try to shop at the store that sells the products we buy for the cheapest price ....more

Fun Things To Read On A Friday

Happy Friday, you all! WE MADE IT! I really really need a weekend ....more

Read // Watched // Listened : JANUARY

With lots of wedding, work and life stuff going on this year I’m trying to make an effort at penciling in some good downtime. (So Necessary!) Here’s some of my downtime favorites from last month. READ You guys I FINALLY FINISHED A FREAKING BOOK! ...more

Whole 30 Grocery Haul – Week One

Welcome to my first Whole 30 Grocery Haul! I love seeing what staples other people buy at the grocery store so I thought it might be fun to share mine while we are doing this Whole 30. More fun — I’ll show you how much we spent ....more

How I Save Money Doing A Whole 30

Source Last Saturday I put together a meal plan for this month’s Whole 30 and headed off to Whole Foods and Raleys (our local supermarket) to pick up some groceries for this week’s eats. I find it super helpful to have a meal plan so I can make sure I have all the ingredients I will need on hand to cook all of my meals. SIDEBAR ON MEAL PLANNING: I loosely schedule my meals on certain days based on what’s going on with work (long days = crock pot meals) or my workouts (evening workouts = quick meals where morning workouts allow for more time consuming dinners) but I’m not militant about it ....more

Weekend Recap: Naps, Eating Dirty + Super Bowl Smack Talk

Happy February! And for us, Happy Whole 30! We thought about starting yesterday, but who starts a Whole 30 on Super Bowl Sunday? ...more

Things I’m Thinking About AKA Bullets About Why We’re Doing A February Whole 30

*We’re doing a February Whole 30. I know I told you that in the title, but you know — I thought I’d just reiterate for clarity. *Well, a Whole 30+ ....more

Thursday Things

*Well I have joined the rest of popular culture and begun playing Trivia Crack. And just like that — there goes many potentially productive hours of my life because holy hell, that is F-U-N! (P.S. Come find me – Let’s Play!) *What are we all watching on Netflix lately? ...more