Merry Christmas!

I sent out Christmas cards a few weeks ago from Garrett and I (SCORE! FINALLY!) and at the last minute I decided to include a link to this website because I thought for friends and family far away it might be fun to be check in once in a while to see how our little family is doing outside of a once a year greeting card. It seemed like a good idea at the time but then I was making my list of people to give them to I kept coming across a weird subsection of people that I just didn’t feel like advertising this space too: “My boss? ...more

So Let’s Talk About Fun Things, eh?

So that last post was kind of a downer — week from hell, YUCK! But November didn’t end with all doom and gloom I promise, it was just that one week. Once I got to my mom’s, was on vacation from work, and spent some time with family things started looking right up! ...more

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Well I did mostly ok on my Nablopomo-esque blogging until about mid month. I hit our anniversary on November 17th and then that was about it. Our anniversary fell on the Monday of what I would basically call Hell Week ....more

Happy Wicker-Versary

Today is our 9 year anniversary! NINE YEARS. If we were a child, we’d be in 4th grade! ...more

Such A Great Reminder

Doing my best. Share ...more


A month ago today I turned 36. I thought about making a list of things to do before I turn 37, but instead I celebrated it by acknowledging two startling (to me) realizations about myself: 1. I am an undercover people pleaser. 2 ....more

I think

I think fall may finally be here in Sacramento. This weekend the high will only be 72. HOORAY! ...more

#SundayPrep — What We’re Eating This Week

I posted a picture of my #SundayPrep on Instagram and a couple of you suggested I blog it. Not sure what to write about except what we’re eating, so here we go! ***** Breakfasts in our house usually come in a box ....more

CrossFit! Trashy Celebrity Talk!

Tonight at the gym the workout was “The Filthy Fifty” and I swear to you, I don’t care how many times you do that workout IT NEVER GETS ANY EASIER. Couldn’t agree with this assessment more. I’ve probably done this workout 10 times since I started CrossFitting (I almost just wrote “in my CrossFit career — what? ...more

Why I Sought Out A Nutritionist + My Caffeine Free Life (Part Two)

Before I get into THE AFTERMATH (and yes, it deserves all caps) or talk about some of the good coffee replacements I’ve found, I just wanted to make a quick disclaimer about yesterday’s post: I don’t thinking giving up caffeine is necessary for everyone. Coffee lovers out there, fret not I wasn’t trying to be alarmist and I don’t think drinking it makes you inherently unhealthier, but like most things — it all depends on what’s going on with YOUR body. Mine was not at all happy with it, so I stopped, and this is only my experience ....more