Friends Birthday Party For Our Triplets And Baby Brother

Since this is so new to me I haven’t known if I should mention our kids' names.  Most bloggers seem to do it.  I just can get paranoid at times and wasn’t regularly mentioning our kids’ names because of security reasons.  Oh well, I guess it isn’t a big deal.  Our oldest triplet’s name is Charlie.  Kaylee is one minute younger than Charlie and then Jake is a minute younger than Kaylee.  Then we have Sam.  He is ten days shy of being exactly two years younger than his older triplet siblings....more

Parents of Multiples Need A Great Carpet Steamer And Sense Of Humor

Let me start out by sharing that I can't even count how many times we have used our carpet steamer and hard wood floor steamer to clean up poop.One of the worst was one of our kids ended up scooting down the stairs on his naked poopy butt. I can't even tell you what the context was anymore. It was maybe six months ago and I think I found it easier to block that one out. All I can say is that laughter and a really great carpet steamer came in handy....more

Things we have found helpful in packing for a road trip.

We know that we will not be able to afford air travel for the immediate and indefinite future, so we invested with the help of grandparents, in items for our car to make road trips fun and doable for our family. The expense of our one time purchases that we use over and over again is still less than it would be for our family to take one plane trip....more

Essential Potty Training Products And Tips To Survive Potty Training Multiples On The Go

This is a post from a mom of multiples that is an expert in surviving the stages of potty training triplets, not an expert in potty training. I will dedicate a future post to our experience of potty training triplets. I think the more pressing issue for now is to share with you what we have found invaluable in surviving potty training triplets when we are out and about with them. ...more

Parents Of Multiples Play The Would You Rather Game All Day Long

Parents of multiples have a special way of "nagging" each other. We play the would you rather game all day long in order to accomplish what needs to be done....more
@Kerry B Hi Kerry, thanks for your comment:) I know it was a while ago.. but somehow I just ...more

Great Post Highlighted On BlogHer This Week

Blogging Changes Your Perception of Daily Life is a BlogHer Spotlight this week highlighting a post from the blog, My Time As A Mom....more

Has Your Baby Taken Their Pajamas And Diaper Off In Their Crib Yet?

Our twenty-one month old baby boy was so kind this morning to help bring back memories of a morning in the fall two years ago.One morning our triplets were having a particularly crazy nursery party.  Nursery parties occur most every night before they fall asleep and then until we go in and get them in the mornings.  ...more
So horribly funny. My own children have not discovered this trick, but a child I work with DID ...more

Expecting Triplets? Mother of Baby Triplets? How Do You Feed Triplets By Yourself?

How do you feed baby triplets by yourself?Very carefully.Just kidding!Seriously, first make sure there aren’t any video cameras around because you will look slightly ridiculous feeding baby triplets by yourself....more

How Do You Handle Your Kids' Halloween Candy Part Two

Halloween Candy Part Two...more

Girls' Night Out

I guess I’m beginning to write spur of the moment posts.  The first was last night.  I wasn’t planning on writing a quick one like that again for a while. I’m clearly not an eloquent writer or a writer at all, but somehow it isn’t stopping me.  So here I am, finding myself compelled to write again without a chance of my editor (husband) giving it a once over. ...more